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…Read This Powerful Breaking Down Strongholds Testimony Sent In Below!..

“Dear Bishop, We are pulling down strong holds in the name of the Lord! I thank God for your life and Dr Jennifer life and for the anointing that is upon this Ministry. In our Miracle service yesterday I came up front and danced something I never done before. When I got home from Church I never bother to look at the time but the Holy Spirit guide my eyes to the clock the time was 20.00hrs and at 20.05hrs I received a phone call from my husband’s girlfriend, she was crying, she told me she was trying to find my telephone number that she want to apologise to me. On New years eve fire service I put her and my husband in the fire, she told me that they broke up on new years day she has lost everything, she had to declared bankruptcy, she has lost all her businesses, she have high-blood pressure, she can not sleep at night, she said he became very aggressive to her that she fear for her life. She said that they could not share they bed together anymore sometimes they would sleep in separate rooms and if they do share the bed they will sleep in opposite directions he will go to bed in his dirty clothes and he grinds his teeth in his sleep, she said while he is asleep she would look at him and asked herself “what is this that she got herself involved with!” Bishop God is good ooh!” – Mrs J.G, London

Hi Church,

What amazing testimony! The strongholds are breaking down in Jesus Name! I encourage you to stay connected to the anointing because in life one problem may lead to another it’s so important to have that relationship with God and the anointing Today I declare that every carrier of problems that have been assigned to our address we command it to die by fire God is going to clear every sport of confusion. God knows what your going through. Child of God there have been decisions you have been making in your life and these decisions are not right. Today I prophecy over your lives that you are going to Judah, the days of limitations are over! God is about to give you unlimited favour. Every form of rejection fear is coming down in the name of Jesus! He’s going to take your disadvantages and turn them Into favour! You are going to leave every stronghold and enter into Judah the land of praise! What I mean is that these decisions you have been making may have been right at the time but have turned into the wrong choice. May God give you more wisdom and more favour this week Amen Have a blessed day. – Bishop Climate Irungu

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Thousands of testimony’s and miracles are taking place every day by people activating there faith! its important for you to be able to worship in a place where God is! The Kingdom Church London is a place where the presence of God Lives and where the captives are set free! Continue to read the prophetic word shared from Bishop Climate for today and the blogs posted earlier this month! If you are looking for a church to join or visit come and join us at TKC London we would love for you to worship with us! Scroll down and discover our services for this week listed below! If you can’t join us in person then you can watch us 24/7 online at

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We have so many services and events this year to cater for YOU! At The Kingdom Church London! To Find out more about Bishop Climate Ministries and Our special Services Click here! 

Know that We Are Here For You! Call us on our 24 Hour Prayer Lines and speak to our Prayer Warriors who are here 24/7 at your hour of need! Also you can purchase products here on these phone numbers listed below! 

UK: 0207-738-3668 or 0207-738-3476

USA/North America to call : +1-732 444 7074

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This Season we are having Midnight Prayer  Monday – Thursday from 12am -1am:

Here’s the TKC Prayer Schedule:

Monday ‐ Prayer for Wisdom & Solutions – (covers court hearings, interviews, exams, career issues)

Tuesdays‐ Finances, Business, Job issues 

Wednesdays‐ Health & related issues 

Thursdays ‐ Marriages & Family issues (Come with your point of contact, bills, red letters etc.)

New Year At TKC London: 5th February – 9th February 2014

Join us This Wednesday 5th February for our Corporate Fast & Mid Week Boost ( 3 in 1) service at 7:30PM! Join us in our corporate Fast starting 6am – 5pm this Wednesday as we fast for 15 Day Total Turnaround! Also come and attend Mid-Week Boost service filled with Bible Study, Intercession and Deliverance. This is a service you don’t want to miss to keep you reenergised for the rest of the week.

Join us Friday 7th February Join us for our Anointing Of Hands Service at 7:30PM! Come and experience the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! remove every curse of bad luck and shame from your hands and replace it will Gods Gold Glory & Grace!

Saturday 8th February Join us for our 3AM Powerful Prayer and Deliverance service! Prepare for warfare! It’s time to break every chain and every yoke of bondage over your life!

Join us Saturday 8th February 4:30pm – 6pm! for our Free Professionals Meeting! Do you want to excel in your career and avoid tricky situations? Are you looking for a promotion, career change? Come and discover key principles on how you can walk in the spirit of excellence, no matter what type of career or business you are in!

Sunday 9th February Join us at our Super Sunday Services: 

8-9AM it’s Morning Glory! Join us to start your Sunday in meditation & prayer!

9-10AM Prophetic Hour with the man of God Bishop Climate! No appointments needed! ( Just be sure to turn up early as limited spaces are available.)

11AM Word Service:  Is spiritual growth your purpose? Do you want to live a successful and winning lifestyle? Do you want to be a disciple of Jesus? Then Come hear the word, Grow and glow spiritually!

3PM Miracle Prophetic Service:– Are you believing God for a quick breakthrough, Personal word of Knowledge? Do you want to face Monday with a High gear, full of energy and power? Then this service is for you!

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