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The Shocking Truth About Singleness……Read Now!

With Valentines Day just around the corner, we are getting ready for our Annual Breaking the Spirit of Singleness Conference this weekend from Feb 13-15.  Each year I’ve been holding this conference, teaching people on breaking the spirit of singleness and how to come out of it. Since we started it we have seen a dramatic increase in marriages in ...

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Get Ready Tonight As Day 1 Of Breaking The Spirit Of Singleness Kickstarts! Read All About Our Fire Service Tonight!

…Get Ready For The Miracle Fire Service! & DAY 1 Of Breaking The Spirit Of Singleness & Testimonies & More Below!… ” My friend had a debt of £22,000 she was so stressed out and needed to pay it. Once she told me I decided to attend The Fire Service and put her name and the debt into the fire. Last week ...

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