The Shocking Truth About Singleness……Read Now!

With Valentines Day just around the corner, we are getting ready for our Annual Breaking the Spirit of Singleness Conference this weekend from Feb 13-15. 

Each year I’ve been holding this conference, teaching people on breaking the spirit of singleness and how to come out of it. Since we started it we have seen a dramatic increase in marriages in our church.

Could it be the rejection that you have been experiencing in your marriage and/or relationships is a result of this spirit? Do people around you tolerate you or celebrate you? To the married, could it be that your spouse can’t tell you the truth and they have to live with it because they have no choice? To the singles, could it be that the reason why you don’t want to get married is that this spirit has its grip in your life and its influencing the decisions that you are making? 

In the book of Matthew Chapter 19 Jesus talks about the three different reasons behind why a person can be single. You must have a revelation to understand this, that’s why I have really prayed before I share this with you.  There are just three ways someone ends up being single the rest of their lives.

And this week I’m going to be taking you through, one by one, looking at examples in the Bible on other women and men that experienced singleness. Because the sad truth is that most people have no idea about the reality behind this spirit of singleness, when today it seems to be prevailing in the church.

And even if you’re married, don’t make the mistake of thinking, “Oh Bishop, this does not apply to me because I am already married”. No! Did you know that it is possible to be married and still single? In fact it is the spirit of singleness that is behind widowhood, pre-mature death, and divorce. Many marriages are doomed from the start because either the man or the woman is carrying this curse. There are even some that have been born with this spirit of singleness and as a result have never had a successful relationship. But my question is, how can you be free unless you know the truth?

Jesus spoke about how singleness is not just a relationship status, but it is a spiritual status that can even be inherited from birth. Sometimes you find families where all the sisters, brothers or the family are experiencing singleness, failed marriages, no husbands, no wives, death of their loved ones, etc. and you wonder what is going on? That is to let you know there is a territorial spirit of singleness in the family. Now why do you think that you are any different? Could it be that God has led me to write to you before it’s too late?

Singleness can affect not only your personal relationships, but also your business and career where you find that no one wants to associate with you or help you. You end up always being stranded, people using you when they need you. You keep finding yourself forcing people to love you, doing things for you because of your position or authority. Listen, singleness is dangerous, and it needs to be dealt with.

But I believe so strong in my spirit that this week God has sent me personally to you to make sure you receive your breakthrough. You must Connect with Me this Week! I see the chains of failed relationships and marriage failure being broken over your life for the very last time. Today is just an introduction, then get yourself ready, because every spirit of singleness is going to be exposed in your life and destroyed for good. This weekend, whatsoever has been causing problems in your relationships, hinderance here and there is going to die by fire! 

Make sure you tune in Live this Friday, Feb 13 at 8PM GMT at (email your country and city to to receive your passcode). 


  1. Greetings in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.
    Prophet of God, you are really a true Prophet of God. Whatever you prophesyd upon my life is 100% true.
    After I read it, I said in my heart “Truly God has visited me n heard my prayers”
    I pray that God will reveal more n use to turn my life around n face the direction He predestined for in Jesus Name.
    I Love you n your family, biological n spiritual.

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