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Today Discover How A Prayerful Person Is A Powerful Person! & 1 Day To Go For Breaking The Spirit Of Singleness Conference & More!

…Read About The Prayerful Powerful Person & More From Our TKC Guest Blogger & Breaking The Spirit Of Singleness Conference!..   Hi Readers! Prayer is a direct line that we have with heaven and it is a way of communication! This is a process that allows us to speak to God. As a child who needs to speak to their Father, ...

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Discover A Weekend To Remember! 2 Days To Go Till Breaking The Spirit Of Singleness Conference! Read From Bishop Climate & More!

 …Powerful Miracle Testimony Sent In To Bishopclimateblog.com! Read More About Our Jam Packed Weekend Here At TKC London!..   ” Hi Bishop during the last week of the Miracle Pool I was led to attend the church to use The Miracle Pool. I was currently going through the process of a court case and had been experiencing difficulties with rejected documents. I ...

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