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What Have You Been Dreaming of Lately ? ….

Dear Reader,  Have you been longing to know what is the real meaning behind the dreams you have been having at night? Is it true that God uses dreams to speak to His people today, I want you to read the story below carefully.  “Dear Bishop,  I just wanted to give my testimony. For many years I could not understand ...

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* See What Others Are Saying * ….. It Can Happen too !

  See What Others Are Saying…… ! “For years I used to be afraid to sleep at night, for every night I would have dreams of a man coming and having sex with me. But after I ordered Bishop Climate’s audio book on Overcoming Persistent Enemies, I have been playing it while I sleep and I don’t have those bad ...

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Do Know What Happens Every Time You Dream of Eating Food ? – Find Out Now Before It’s Too Late

Hear This: Did you ever now that anytime you dream of eating is not a good sign ? Actually the following day stagnation, delay, denial and disappointment starts to crown your life and every progress that you had made you tend to lose it. Last week I began to teach a series of powerful teachings entitled “shutting the gates of ...

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