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Dear Church,

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Hi Bishop Climate, It was my first time to visit your ministry this weekend. I arrived Saturday 6th for the evening service and since I live in Essex i came with my overnight bags and was really made to feel at home by Pastor Margaret and all the other pastors. I happened to watch you on youtube about the 5 stars and “Genies” with Rev Haji. When I came I met a lady at the conference who was there for the first time and we got talking, just like me she was also inspired by the same programme  she only lived down the road from your ministry. I watched the programmes 5 times until the spirit nagged me to make a move, it was like you were ministering to me personally. So I immediately switched my tithes from my old ministry to yours, don’t get me wrong my former ministry helped me too and I appreciated all they have done for me, but there are some things you mentioned in the videos that ministered to me differently. I know it was not a mistake to come across this video. I then realised It was time to switch if I wanted to become a millionaire and guess what that is what you were talking about this weekend, as I believed your soils are rich. I’m running a home based bakery, and customers loved the products but they wasn’t coming back. I didn’t know why this kept happening, until I listened to your video it became clear that my stars were not shining. I want to thank GOD for giving the vision you have. The conference was a blast, I enjoyed each and every bit who needs a disco when you can have one dancing and singing to the Lord. I have never attended something as awesome as this. May God provide for you and your Beautiful wife Dr Irungu and children. I have fully registered with your ministry and am rooted. Thank you very much, God bless you. – Ruth Kitaka

This past week has been an amazing experience at The Breaking Down The Walls Of Jericho International Conference! I know your lives will never be the same again! We had phenomenal guest speakers who tore the place down. We had great singles and marriage sessions with these awesome great women of God. I am really humbled and appreciate all those who came out and attended, who bought there friends and family and also to those who watched us online around the world, I hope you all have been blessed and as you experienced and witnessed us tearing down The Jericho Walls may they be torn down in every area of your life. I hope you have heard, learned and received under the prophetic anointing.  As Bishop Carolyn B. Love and myself taught yesterday about beng upgraded, today let God upgrade you.

This your season of productivity I see you going higher :”Behold, God is mighty, and does not despise any; he is mighty in strength of understanding. ( Job 36:5)

Remain Blessed, Bishop Climate



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Bishop Climate Irungu & Team





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