Want To Receive Your Heart’s Desire From God..? Join Us Tonight For The Last Healing & Miracle Service For 2013!


….Read This Fantastic Testimony Sent In This Morning!…

God Bless Bishop! Since meeting you and becoming a member of The Kingdom Church my life has never been the same again! I just want to take the opportunity to let you know that since you anointed and prayed for me, I have been receiving my hearts desire and breakthrough in every area of my life when I least expect it! Since I was small growing up I always wanted to become a teacher! and come to England to  study and get the Qualifications. It was something that I used to say to everyone I came in contact with. But when I came to England I did not have anyone to help me to get me into the right teaching course. So I began to do one course after another as though I had lost my mind! I’ve been in the UK since December 1999. But since coming in contact with you and this ministry, I started to see my life turn around and my dreams come true! Since June 2013, when you anointed and prayed for me, more and more miracle and rewards are coming my way! In August I was given the opportunity by my Housing Association to do a Teaching Assistant Course in order to gain employment to fit in with my baby. I’m a single parent and I have been unemployed for the past 4 years!! this course was free! I took the opportunity to do a Mock Test and I passed it and then they put me forward for the course which started on the 18th Sept 2013. I completed it on 19th December 2013. This is a big testimony for me as I was finding it difficult to study and do any work placement and even trying to keep my health in control. I have been doing God’s work whilst doing assignment and He has rewarded me excellently and received good results on all my portfolio when I submitted it on the 18th of December 2013. I am now expected to graduate for the first time in my life on the 24th of January 2014 God Bless!!” – J.R Antoine 

Hi Church,

Today Is the Last Friday Monthly Healing & Miracle Service for 2013! I believe there is a miracle for you! At 7:30pm tonight you are about to experience the incredible miracles and healing power of the Holy Spirit through the Prophet of God. In the last Healing Service many were healed of health problems, spiritual problems, financial problems, whatever situation it is you are facing, today it’s your turn to be healed and be made whole! God hears your every hearts desire! Activate your faith and believe God for your breakthrough! Come and expect to be set free! At 3am Deliverance Service: We are Uprooting Every Demonic Traps assigned over your life. Tonight bring your family and friends who needs a miracle! Angels are waiting It’s all happening Here Today at The Kingdom Church London! If you can’t attend join our online family now on www.bishopclimate.tv 

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Know that We Are Here For You! Call us on our 24 Hour Prayer Lines and speak to our Prayer Warriors who are here 24/7 at your hour of need! Also you can purchase products here on these phone numbers listed below! 

UK: 0207-738-3668 or 0207-738-3476

USA/North America to call : +1-732 444 7074

Outside UK: +0044 131 555 2290 or +0044 131 555 2966

View Our Weekend in Pictures from tomorrow and view “Kingdom Principles” Our weekly segment by Prophetess Beryl Nelson Out Every Wednesday! Find Out whats Happening this week all on our TKC London FB Page! 

**Event Alert** This year for the first time we will having our New Years Eve 31st December 2013 – New Years Day 1st January 2014 Celebrations in LONDON! Come and join us for prayer & celebrations as we prophecy and declare Mighty blessings into 2014!


For more info call us on UK: 0207-738-3668 and visit www.bishopclimate.org

December “Month of Divine Fulfilment” – This Week At TKC London: 20th December – 22nd December 2013!

Join us tomorrow the 20th December for our Special Miracle and Healing Service! Come and attend our powerful friday special service!  Are you looking for a breakthrough?  Are you looking to be healed in an area of your life? Then this service is for you If you live far and you know for sure you cannot be here physically then you can watch us live via online at www.bishopclimate.tv

Tomorrow Join us for our 3am Powerful Prayer and Deliverance service! Prepare for warfare! It’s time to break every chain and every yoke of bondage over your life!

Join us also Tomorrow at 5:30pm! for our Hy-brd Connect Meeting with President & Business Development Director Dr. Climate Irungu and Hy-brd Team! Invite all Your Friends & Family to the Hy-brd Connect Meeting. Discover Unlimited Earning Potential and Fantastic Products that Virtually sell themselves. All Hy-brd Distributors Must Pre-Register and Book their Seats! (Please note: If you are bringing guests, you must also register their names. To anyone not on the Registration List at the time of the event, there is no guarantee you will be able to attend due to seating capacity.)

Sunday 22nd December Join us at our Super Sunday Services: 

8-9AM it’s Morning Glory! Join us to start your Sunday in meditation & prayer!

9-10AM Prophetic Hour with the man of God Bishop Climate! No appointments needed! ( Just be sure to turn up early as limited spaces are available.)

11AM Word Service:  Is spiritual growth your purpose? Do you want to live a successful and winning lifestyle? Do you want to be a disciple of Jesus? Then Come hear the word, Grow and glow spiritually!

3PM Miracle Prophetic Service:– Are you believing God for a quick breakthrough, Personal word of Knowledge? Do you want to face Monday with a High gear, full of energy and power? Then this service is for you!

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