Tonight It’s Your Turning Point – Join Bishop Climate Live From London

Dear Saint,

For the last few days the Lord revealed to me that you have been going through tremendous pressure almost in every area of your life. I see an evil force assigned to stop you.

But Tonight at 7:30pm Miracle Service your Story is about to change:  Though you went through the Fire & Water God is about to bring you to a Wealthy Place 

Tonight  there are 40 people are going to experience “A TURNING POINT”. And at 3AM Deliverance Service, Victory is Yours in Jesus name!

Bring a Friend, Bring a Family Member ! Your Angel is waiting, It’s all here at TKC, 2nd Fl, 186 Chatelaine House, Walworth Road, London , SE17 1JJ.

Also remember to join us tomorrow, Saturday at 7:30PM, for our Healing & Deliverance School. And Sunday is our Super Sunday with 11AM Word Service and 3PM Miracle Service.

And remember if you are overseas or unable to attend you can watch us live by tuning in to

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FRIDAY – 8:30PM & 3:30AM (UK TIME)

3:30PM & 10:30PM (USA EST)


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7AM & 11AM (USA EST)

Call Now +44 207 7406 001 for UK or 1-732-444-7074 for USA 

Blessings to you.


Bishop Climate Irungu & Team

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