Tonight Every Evil Wish Against You Must Be Uprooted! – Live in London

Dear Saint,

Do you often wonder why people have always been jealous towards you? Why in your working place, in your marriage, in your finances, it seems as though someone or something is always fighting against you trying to hinder you? Do you seem to experience a lot of negative thoughts about yourself in your mind?

I feel so strongly that there is a negative element of darkness that has been released against you and your destiny because of Jealousy and that is why everything around you seems to be experiencing Failure, Delays and Denials.

But the Lord revealed to me it’s because of an evil wish that was released against you! There are 7 reasons why your enemies will pursue you. David was always running from King Saul, because of an evil wish. But after tonight you will learn how to deal with all your enemies.

Join me Tonight at 7:30pm it’s our Miracle & Deliverance ServiceUPROOTING EVERY EVIL WISH AGAINST YOU!

At 3am its our Prayer Service: Whatsoever is Causing Rejection in your Life Must be Stopped Today!


Come and Expect instant Miracles, Get your prophetic word from the Man of God! Your Angel is waiting, It’s all here at

 The Kingdom Church, 

2nd Fl, 186 Chatelaine House, 

Walworth Road, London , SE17 1JJ.

Also remember to join us tomorrow, Saturday at 7:30PM, for our Healing & Deliverance School. And Sunday is our Super Sunday with 11AM Word Service and 3PM Miracle Service.

And remember if you are overseas or unable to attend you can watch us live by tuning in to

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Blessings to you.


Bishop Climate Irungu & Team

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  1. Help me Bishop, they are evil people persuing me because I refused to adopt their evil culture. They’re my blood parents. Help me please I need to be protected from them. God hear my cry.

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