TONIGHT Are You Ready To Experience Miracles?

Hi Child of God,

Tonight are you ready to experience a miracle…? 

Earlier this week I sent you a message of encouragement as this year Jehovah Tsuri will be your strength.  Today I want to prophesy into your life as if this message reaches contact with you everything in your life is about to change and shift towards what God has called you to do. This year you will find your purpose. Today as you are reading this I am appointing you as a destiny Changer! 
Great things are about to happen may God continue to give you strength. Tonight I want you to join with me  Friday 1st February is the First Miracle Healing service of 2019! I believe Tonight you will be one of the first one to receive A Special Miracle. Tonight God’s power will flow through your life and turn your brokenness into signs and wonders. 
 This Sunday 3rd February Is The Miracle Frankincense Service. Next Weekend 8th -10th February All Roads Lead To Edinburgh, Scotland for Ladies on Fire Intl Conference: Esther Banquet 2019!
As you know this year we started strong with our 21 Daniel Fasting and now we have entered into a new month your faith must rise up to another level. I know you may be facing hard situations and it may seem like it will never end, but tonight you are about to experience an anointing like never before. This is going to be a new anointing of a breakthrough for this new season. This year you have started well and God has brought you this far filled you with testimonies and miracles and He will see you through.

ISAIAH 58:11 NIV:  The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. “




Because of your faithfulness God has prepared you for the greater things to come. You are going to experience all the benefits that 2019 has to offer. This is all through your faith and your determination all you need to know is that you are in the right season to experience your breakthrough. No matter what has been going on in your life tonight as you activate your faith the atmosphere is about to change, because after tonight God is going to give you that anointing that I have been sharing about. This is a special anointing where you will know what to do when you don’t know what to do. Any empty space in your life is about to be filled. I believe that your season of healing has arrived. You will no longer fear for tomorrow. You will no longer fear about your health, your finances, your family or anything that has been causing you strife. 

Isaiah 27:3 NIV: “ I, the LORD, am its keeper; I water it every moment. So that no one will damage it, I guard it night and day.” 

This year God is going to surround you with His protection day and night. This special anointing that I am going to release tonight is about to give you an overflow of peace. After this miracle healing service I see you walking out whole,  I see you free and victorious. This year anything in your life that is making you feel incomplete you will complete and accomplish this year.  

This is why I need you to take a step of faith and action and attend the Miracle Healing Service tonight. Something great is about to happen and as I release this special anointing over your life I see every missing piece coming back together again. It’s a NIGHT OF WONDERS! Also at 12 AM we have our Midnight Express Prayer Service.  Tonight as you pray and get ministered to, you will continue this year. This weekend you are about to experience a power-packed weekend with our Prayer of The Nations tomorrow. Our Frankincense Miracle Service this Sunday, this year you will end with Success. I see Victory in your life! Tonight go the extra mile and Invite your friends and Family as It’s All happening here Tonight!.  – Prophet Climate





Esther Banquet 8-10 February 2019


TKC London Week Schedule: 28th January  – 3rd February 2019

Join us Friday 1st February  Come and join us for the After Sunset Miracle Service. Come and hear instant testimonies of healing, breakthrough and restoration. 

Join us Saturday 12AM  Midnight Express 12AM – 1AM Come for the express prayer service that is breaking barriers and producing miracles! 


This Sunday At The Kingdom Church London


Super Sunday 3rd February 2019!

Morning Glory: Intercession 8AM 

Prayer Of Silent 9 AM 

Family Word Service 10:30 AM

Prophetic Miracle Service 2PM  



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