Tonight 7:30PM Is Going To Be Explosive! Are YOU Ready To Catch The Fire..? Read More About The Conference That Is Taking Over London!


…Read This Powerful Testimony Shared From Our Last Conference!..

” Dear Bishop and Mum Dr Jennifer, I have a powerful testimony to share My manager has been causing me so much stress and turmoil. She would use every opportunity to humiliate me. Bishop, I remember your preached several times from Daniel 6 and you said, God was going to deal with our enemies in a way that is beyond imagination and that the trap they have set for us will be the trap for themselves. Soon after my manager was called by her line manager and told her that she has 5 days to decide where she wants to go, anywhere in the trust or take voluntary resignation! She was meant to serve 3 months notice but she has only been given 5 days! She was in tears. I said, God is awesome, He fixes well my enemies. Let her feel the pain and humiliation that she has been doing to me. She used to threaten me , with her manager, saying , They will come and deal with me. The same line manager is the one who has told her to go and they used to be very good friends. Amazingly this happened on the same day I was leaving and just few minutes before the end of my shift.  Mum, Dr. Jennifer at the last conference you called me out and you prophesied to me and said that God was turning around my situation dealing with my enemies! You sent the angels to move on my behalf… AND YES THE ANGELS DID OBEY! Interestingly, I hadn’t shared with you this! This was a powerful Esther Banquet conference, with new message and revelation. We thank God for your lives and all your continued prayers and support.” – Kind regards, M S. 


Hi Church,

Wasn’t that a powerful testimony? I’m so thankful to God that many testimonies like these are shared at our services and at our conferences. Today I declare that many testimonies will flow this week. Testimonies of favour, health and success. I declare that every area of your life will be of increase as we begin the Catch The Fire International Conference! God is going to do something great in your life. I hope you have all been inviting your friends and family, near and far as we join together tonight for this powerful conference at this Easter season. This conference is filled with teachings, prophetic word, special guests and performances and more. The word from God that were about to deliver is going to be a word like fire! ( Jeremiah 23:29 NIV ) Every obstacle in your life that is causing destruction is about to be dismantled! You are about to receive the special spiritual tools to smash every problem, every obstacle, every hinderance into pieces! Myself and Dr Jennifer are excited! We can’t wait to join with you tonight at 7:30PM as we kick start Catch The Fire at this amazing conference! Stay Blessed – Bishop Climate Irungu


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EVENT ALERT! TONIGHT! Get Ready to Join us for Catch The Fire International Conference 2014! This conference starts today 16th April -To Easter Sunday 20th April 2014! Join us this Easter Season and celebrate our Risen King in style! This powerful conference hosted by Bishop Climate & Dr Jennifer Irungu! This Easter your season has come! Come and join us for life changing daytime seminars and powerful evening services filled with special guests, teachings, guest artists, performances and so much more! Contact us 0207-738-3668 (see more details on flyer!)  If you cannot attend in person join our online family LIVE! at from 8PM (GMT)



Thousands of testimony’s and miracles are taking place every day by people activating there faith! its important for you to be able to worship in a place where God is! The Kingdom Church London is a place where the presence of God Lives and where the captives are set free! Continue to read the prophetic word shared from Bishop Climate for today and the blogs posted earlier this month! Do you need A personal prophetic word for this month? then send me a prayer request to or click If you are looking for a church to visit or looking for a dynamic church to be apart of join us at TKC London! We would love for you to worship with us! Scroll down and discover our schedule for this week listed below! If you can’t join us in person then you can watch us 24/7 online at


We have so many services and events this year to cater for YOU! At The Kingdom Church London! To Find out more about Bishop Climate Ministries and Our special Services Click here! 

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View Our Weekend in Pictures out today & Read Kingdom Principles by Prophetess Beryl Nelson & Look out for Conference pictures this week! It’s all Happening at The Kingdom Church London all on our TKC London FB Page! 


TKC London Catch The Fire International Conference Schedule: April 16th – 20th April 2014! 

Join us Tonight 16th April As Catch The Fire International Conference Kicks Off at 7:30PM! Come and be ready to partake in a special anointing! Special favours and miracles with hosts Bishop Climate & Dr Jennifer Irungu! 

Join us Tomorrow 17th April at 7:30PM For DAY 2 Of Catch The Fire International Conference! Join us with Hosts Bishop Climate & Dr Jennifer Irungu and with special guests Rev Princess Hackman (UK) Bishop Ann Kabundi (UK) & Bishop Carolyn B Love! (USA) 

Join us This Good Friday 18th April we have a special Singles Session at 2PM This is a great time for fellowship and for great question and answer session with the women of God on courtship, single life and so much more!

And Join us for our special Good Friday service 18th April at 7:30PM! Come and Experience our special service this Good friday come and attend and hear a special word from God this easter season! 

Saturday 19th April join us at 2PM for The Marriage Session! Join us with hosts Bishop Climate & Dr Jennifer Irungu and the women of God for a powerful session on taking your marriage, relationship to another level!

Join us this Easter Saturday April 19 at 7:30PM For an evening filled with lots of entertainment! Such as our TKC Wedding Show, Guest Artists, Special Dance performances & More! 

Join us for The Grande Finale Easter Sunday 20th April As We Celebrate Our Risen King! All of us at The Kingdom Church London will be wearing all white as we close this powerful conference! We would love for you to join us too! 

Join Us For Our Super Sunday Services!

9AM Sanctification Sunday join us to start your Sunday in meditation & prayer!

Join us for our two special services 11AM Word Service & 2:30PM Miracle Prophetic Service! Come and take this month to another level! Experience anointing, hear powerful teachings, receive prophetic word over your life and more! 


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