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Dear Reader, 


What is it that you’re believing God for? Is it a Family breakthrough like this woman in the video above? Is it a financial breakthrough? A career breakthrough? Maybe it has to do with your health, or your children? Well whatever it is, Child of God, I want to let you know that tomorrow God wants to meet you personally. Yes .You may be a way but He has already planned to change your life . 

God desires to answer your prayers, to reveal His goodness in your life, and tomorrow we are gathering together to present ourselves before Him.

So many people have prayed and prayed for months or years with no results, but then they come and attend one of our services and overnight everything changes. Why is that? Sometimes if we are not experiencing any progress in life, it’s because we need a different type of anointing.

God does answer personal prayer, but when we are gathered together there is a corporate anointing that comes in an even more powerful way, touching you and sorting out your issues once and for all. I want you to know that God sees your heart, and this is the reason He created some of these services, to get you the breakthrough that you need in life.

I always tell you, and I want you to know that it’s true, that WE ARE CONNECTED FOR A PURPOSE. It’s not by chance that you are even reading this email. And tomorrow you must join me so you can receive your breakthrough. If you have never visited us in person or joined in Live on the internet, Now is the Time! And even if you are way there is away to make that Happened. 


You must Join Me Tomorrow, even if it means watching live from your home computer. But if you are living in England, be here at any cost. To refresh your memory, Here are 3 Reasons Why:

1)   God Is Going To Meet You PersonallyTomorrow is a special day and a special appointment. I am believing God to show up personally in your life in a special way. Yes there is something that you need to breakforth, something you have been waiting on for a long time but it seems that the heavens have been shut until now. Tomorrow if you show up, God is going to show up. The time for your favour has come.


2)   There Is An Angel Assigned To You To Bring You Good Luck And FavourSo many times in the Bible we see great men and women of God being visited personally by angels sent on divine assignment by God. Tomorrow there will be special angels assigned specifically to you. They will be there to minister to you, to help you move into a deeper realm of God, to experience a greater blessing than ever before. Remember it is the angels that lift up your prayers before God, how much more when you will have personal angels working on your behalf!


3)   There Is A Special Miracle Waiting For YouHave you ever experienced a breakthrough in one part of your life while other parts of your life seem to remain the same? Well tomorrow I see a special gift, a special miracle from God, yes I see it coming down as a present. You are precious in the eyes of God, and He has something special for you coming tomorrow.


This coming week I will be releasing your personal word of Prophecy, but now you must start the Month well with this special time of refreshment and purification. 


So now I need you to get yourself ready, for it is all happening within the next 24 hours. And you need to pay attention to these following instructions:


First, remember to wear white or something white, even if you are watching online from home. Remember there will be a special angel assigned to you tomorrow, and one of the things they are looking for is that white cloth. 


Second, prayerfully prepare your prayer list, write down the things that you want God to do in your life (only positive things must be written on this list). For the angels will bring your requests directly to the throne room of God, whatever you ask for according to His will, it shall be granted. 


And Third, I want you to give a Special Offering for this service. It is a special offering of £60 according to the number of purification. Remember this is your preparation for what is to come. Before I release your prophetic word of the month, I want you to engage yourself in tomorrow’s service. In your prayers and in your giving, don’t hold back. I know the anointing that God has placed upon my life, and every word I speak it comes to pass. Not for my glory, but for HIS. And that is why it is so important you pay attention to every instruction I give you. Don’t become familiar or take it as a light thing. Because it is from God. And God is going to perform His word in your life tomorrow. Give your special offering or whatever you can afford, God sees your heart and He will reward every sacrifice. 



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