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Dear Reader,

Please Read this Urgent email that I have Just received, I want to share it with you, I believe so strongly that your situtaion is urgent and you need to read it with me now.

Dear Bishop,

I greet you in the name of Jesus. I thank God for your life, family and congregation and partners. I want to give my testimony. 

Last month I bought a miracle pack. After bathing with miracle foam bath and using anointing oil and putting anointed salt in my bathing water I received a financial miracle. 

First my husband has been struggling with getting a job even though he is a qualified teacher. When he went for a job interview I sprinkled the anointed water and salt on his documents and he was not qualified for that area of the job and he was late for the job. After 4 hours they called him and they told him that he got the job as a Head of the Department. Praise God, Amen. 

The whole of last year I used to commute three times a week by train to my university and after using miracle pack one lady who sells train tickets recognized me and asked me how often do I travel and I told her 3 times a week. She then told me that there is a cheaper ticket where you buy tickets to travel for three days in a week but you only pay for two and she told me that offer has been there for a long time. Praise God, Amen, He is Mighty.

Also I used to get problems with my student finance funding. last year I finished the whole term without receiving any funding and they paid just before Christmas, they kept saying my application is stuck in the queue but this time after using the miracle pack they paid me promptly and the childcare grant was paid before the due date. I also use anointing oil over my body when I have itching and it stops completely. Thank you Bishop for working tirelessly doing God’s works setting the captives free. I would love to make an appointment for Skype consultation for the word of prophecy concerning my family situation.


Thank you vey much, may the Lord keep blessing more people through your ministry.

N.M – United Kingdom


Miracles! Miracles do happen and I have a strong feeling that your time has come for you to experience your Miracle. Today your situation can change to favor you, your mountains can be leveled up, your valley in life can be filled up. Today if you dare to beleive, every crooked thing in your life can straighten up and your rough road in life can be smoothed out. Today God wants to turn your situation around all what you need is just to hear this testimony of what God has done for others and your situation can change.


If you have been touched by this testimony remember Hebrews 13:8 that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, Today and forever : if he did it for her he can do it for you Today. Click now to Invest the Miracle pack into your life and begin to reap the benefits of Health, Wealth and Wisdom. Today your star can begin to shine and you can enjoy the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the living.


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Thanks all for submitting your testimonies, God will bless you as others get blessed and encouraged. As you lift others God will lift you. Your testimonies are a true witness that God is real and He is a Miracle working God through his servant: Revelation 12:11


  1. Hy i would like a miracle happened to me now i need money i have many derbt and i want to start legacy

    • My daughter suffered from addiction and no money in the world could help her.. I received miracle pack with deliverance oil to put in my daughter’s food etc. And within three months she was set free. That was my lottery ticket my daughter was restored back to life again. And she is shinning.

  2. Please pastor I know the God you serve is a gracious and miracle God, I owe more than $ 5000 and don’t know where to get money to repay this money. half of my family depends on me and I don’t have even 1 cent meaning I have to borrow again. Please say a word and everything shall be ok. You can reach me on 00233209701998, many thanks


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