The Names of God Day 15: Jehovah Zakar Will Remember You And Unlock Your Hidden Potential … Click Now!

The Names of God Day 15: Jehovah Zakar Will Remember You And Unlock Your Hidden Potential … Click Now! Read Prophetic Word From Bishop Climate and get ready for DAY 15 of 21 Days of Power TONIGHT! 

Dear Child of God ,

Wow! What a blessing it has been. Thank you for joining us once again for a powerful conference.  Remember Jesus said that some things can only go out by fasting and praying and that is exactly what is happening during these 21 days of Daniel Fasting.  

Today I received a powerful testimony about a lady who has received her greatest miracle through calling on the name of Jehovah Jireh. She says “Prophet of God, I thank you for revealing the name of Jehovah Jireh and I want to share a powerful testimony with you.  I have been believing God for help with my rent which was overdue but after calling the name of Jehovah Jireh, immediately all my rent which was more than 6 months overdue was paid off.  Not a penny less, everything was completely paid.  Also my daughter received a free credit of £22.00 top up to enable her to travel daily. Man of God I give God the glory”.

I’ve just received another powerful testimony as well on the power of Jehovah Rapha. “Man of God on Thursday you shared a testimony about the name of Jehovah Rapha. I came to this country as a child, my father and my family forsook me and as a result of it my life was turned to ruin.  I did not know where to turn too; I tried many times to apply for my status for my citizenship. I kept being turned down because I was not born in this country.  On Thursday you began to teach us about Jehovah Rapha and I realised that I needed more than a miracle, my life needed to be healed and as I began to call upon the name, I believed that He was going to heal me. I believed that He was going to heal my status, just like how Elijah used the salt to heal the problem of Jericho.  I knew that every curse in my life must be removed and must be healed.  Man of God, today by surprise my Lawyer called me and told me on the 10th of this month, I have been granted my citizenship.  Thank you once again for sharing these names and I’m looking forward for the new name that you have for me”.

Yes! Surely, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower that we righteous run into it and we are safe”. (Proverbs 18:10) 

Today I am filled with amazement as I want to share with you the latest Name of God we have discovered.  Yesterday I had a guest speaker who is not only a Prophet but also my own brother all the way from United States of America, Apostle Andrew Hackman.  He came with power and the anointing; he revealed to us the name of God that we have rarely heard about, it is the name Jehovah Zakar – The God that remembers you.  The Apostle began to share with us that when you feel as if you are barren, when you need a breakthrough, when you begin to feel like you have been unproductive in your life and it looks as if your life is at a stand-still, this is the name that you need to call upon.  He began to share with us in the book of 1 Samuel 11, about a woman called Hannah who was believing God for the fruit of the womb.  For many years Hannah and her husband had been going over to Shiloh, calling upon the Lord of hosts, the Lord who fights their war, and nothing was changing. But this time Hannah called two names of God together.

, I feel something is about to happen as you are about to combine these names.  Actually, I see in my spirit within the next five days God is about to give you a revelation. There are two names of God, even three names of God, that you are going to combine together. Once you combine them together I see an explosion; I see an instant answer to your prayers.  

And she vowed a vow, and said, O Lord of hosts, Jehovah Saboath if thou wilt indeed look on the affliction of thine handmaid, and remember me, and not forget thine handmaid, but wilt give unto thine handmaid a man child, then I will give him unto the Lord all the days of his life”.  (1 Samuel 1:11)

The Hebrew word for Remember is Zakar. You see Hannah was saying, ‘Lord of Hosts who fight my battle, I call upon the name of Jehovah Zakar, the Lord that remembers me’. 

Child of God when God remembers you he will open up your womb.  This year when God remembers you he is going to open the womb of your finances, the womb of your career.  When God remembers you, he is going to open up the womb of your children, the womb of your destiny. Every time you call on the name of Jehovah Zakar God unlocks your destiny.  

The other time we see the name of Jehovah Zakar is in the story of Noah. Noah had been locked up in the ark, and the Bible tells us:

“God remembered Noah and everything and all the cattle that were with him in the Ark and made wind to pass over the Earth and the water sewage”. (Gen 8:1)

I prophesy into your life, this year just like Noah, God will remember you. When God remembers you, all your limitations fall off.  When Noah was in the ark he kept seeing the same things, everything was completely limited it.  He kept seeing the same animals, the same people, the same walls; he could not even see outside.  But when Jehovah Zakar remembers you, the days of limitation in your life are finished.

“And God made the Ark of Noah land on Mount Ararat”. (Gen 8:4)

Today I prophesy into your life, I see you are about to land not in a valley but on top of a mountain. When you land on a mountain, you see things from far.  I prophesy into your life this 2019 Jehovah Zakar is about to remember you. When Jehovah Zakar remembers you, He unlocks your destiny, He unlocks your marriage, He unlocks your potential and He unlocks your children in the name of Jesus.

The Bible also tells us in the Book of Genesis 30 that Jacob loved a woman named Rachel. Jacob suffered a lot because of Rachel. She was barren but the Bible also tells us that God remembered Rachel and God appeared to her and opened up her womb. I see in my spirit, there is something that you have always desired to do. There is something that is your favourite thing; you always wanted to do this particular thing. But it is in that area where satan has blocked you, it is in that area where satan has been disgracing you day and night. Today I declare, that thing which you desire to do, that which will make you happy and that thing which is your favourite; I call upon the name of Jehovah Zakar, I call upon the name of God who remembers you to make it happen for you in Jesus name.

Then God remembered [the prayers of] Rachel, and God thought of her and opened her womb [so that she would conceive]. (Gen 30:22)

Today I prophesy into your life, as you call upon the name of Jehovah Zakar, there are doors that are going to open for you. I feel in my spirit right now, there are 14 prayer points that I need you to pray, yes you must pray them three times before midnight. I believe with all my heart, as you begin to pray those prayers, Jehovah Zakar is going to remember you. And if you are there right now and you have not been doing the Daniel fasting, I need you right now to join in the Daniel fasting.

For when Jehovah Zakar remembers you, child of God, He will unlock your favour. 2019 this year, there are potentials God is going to unlock in your life; there are some relationships that God is going to unlock in your life. There are some career breakthroughs, there are some financial breakthroughs and there are some business breakthroughs that God is going to unlock in your life in name of Jesus.

Now Here’s What You Must Do:

1. You need to write down 12 areas where you want God to remember you and 12 areas where you want God to unlock your destiny. I want to come in agreement with you, according to the book of Matthew 18:19 “Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven”. I want you to write those things down, I’m going to print them, I’m going to lay my hands on them and I’m going to come in agreement with you. 

2. I want you to give God a thanksgiving offering. Just like Hannah and Noah, I want you to build God an altar with any amount, to help us especially in preaching the gospel. I feel in my spirit for you to sow a special seed of remembrance, a special seed that you’re going to remember according to the book of Genesis 30:22 which says “And God remembered Rachel and appeared to her and opened up her womb”. It could be a seed of £30.22 or $30.22, whatever you can give; give the best that you can.

3. For your special seed of Jehovah Zakar, I’m going to send you the audio that Apostle Andrew Hackman (all the way from the United States) preached. I am going to send it to you as a token of thanks for helping us to preach the gospel. But also I’m going to send you 14 free powerful prayer points for you to pray three times and I know that your life will never be the same again.

So I prophesy into your life right now, as you are about to obey this instruction, May Jehovah Zakar, the God who remembers, remember you. When he remembers you I declare right now, may Jehovah Zakar unlock your potential, unlock your finances; unlock your children; unlock your health; unlock your marriage; unlock your destiny and unlock everything that bears your name. In Jesus name. Amen.

Tonight we will be exploring the Fifteenth Name of God! But First You Must Get These Special Instructions On How To Open Up The Gates Of Favor Before Tonight’s Service.  

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Remember we are doing Daniel Fasting according to the book of Daniel 1:8-16 for 21 days straight. That means you can eat any time of the day but No Fish, No Sea Food, No Chicken, No Meat and no alcohol is Allowed. This is a Special Cleansing Fast that God has instructed me for us to do it at the beginning of this year. (And if you eat meat or consume alcohol by mistake you must begin the 21 day fasting all over again). 


1. There will be spiritual Clearance and Cleansing For 2018

2. Good Health, Every sickness and Diseases must leave your body (Healing for 2019)

3. Favour, Everywhere You Go. I see Favour and God’s Glory with you this year 

4. Divine Wisdom, Power and energy to accomplish all that you need to accomplish for 2019


Join with us for corporate fasting for the next 21 days and see what God is going to do in your life! Watch out for my Email tomorrow with special instructions on how you can participate in the First Day of the Conference. 



Yours in Christ Jesus,

Prophet Climate Wiseman

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