THE FIRE BURNS TONIGHT!!!!!…..Believe Me These Problems Must Cease




Hi Child Of God, 

THE FIRE BURNS TONIGHT, Believe Me this Troubles Must Cease, Someone has been secretly doing things to sabotage you,  and they are persistent, God is about to exposed them, By the finger of God ,  Tonight I see God intervening over Everything and everyone that’s has been causing trouble in your life. Tonight Trust God To Stop The Attack. You serve a very capable God. He will break the bows and the arrows of your enemies. You are on His mind this very moment. Your tears, your pain and fears are very important to Him. He is about to move. Trust Him. 

 Psalm 46:9 ” He maketh wars to cease..” 

 It’s time for you to become Trouble-Free this weekend!  Tonight Friday at 7:30PM , Special Miracle Fire Service. Every Evil Wish wrapped around your life must die by Fire. 12 Midnight Deliverance. We are breaking generational hatred. Do you have trouble makers? All your enemies must face fire! Come ready, bring all the Red & Negative Letters, all medical and debts copies.  I will pray over them, cancel them with A BIG RED PEN, God spoke to me Tonight whatsoever I cancel will be cancelled for ever, Yes I have that prophetic mandate over your life. and throw them In the Fire!!!


 Connect to this Fire service if you want to experience the power of God in your life.


whosoever sins ye forgive, they are forgiven unto them; whosoever  sins ye retain, they are retained (John 20:23) 



Remember there are two key steps to making sure you can qualify for your Miracle during this Fire Service.


Step 1: Your Fire List: Write down the list of all your known and unknown enemies, it could be physical people, emotional, financial, career problems you are facing, court cases, etc.

Step 2: Your Seed: Today I want to encourage you to send your faith ahead of you. Whatever it is that you are believing God for, I want you to plant a seed in order to execute it. Don’t be naive, remember that your enemies are prepared to search the earth over to bring whatever sacrifice is demanded of them. Sometimes the problems you face cannot be overcome until you bring a bigger sacrifice to conquer that problem. Faith without action is dead, so as you prepare your list tonight that you would like to go into the fire, take a corresponding action and sow a seed. 


From Now, focus your faith and efforts toward moving this mountain.  I SEE IT MOVING OUT OF YOUR LIFE FOR GOOD. Your life is worth it. Do This as soon as possible to I see you qualifying  for a Special Miracle. Tonight I feel you need to activate special grace, A special anointing according 2 Corinthians 9:8 of £29.80 according or whatsover you can afford to activate this  special grace of abundance and breakthrough in your life. You must recover quick,  I see a Big miracle coming with your name on it! 


“And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work”


prophet Climate

If you would like to call our Fire Service Power Prayer Line to speak to one of our prayer warriors: Call for UK: +44 207 738 3668 or North America: +1 732 444 8791


***PLEASE NOTE: When writing your list to put into the fire, please don’t put anything that you don’t want God to destroy. For example, don’t write a new house or a good marriage (these are not problems). Instead you put lack of a house, or trouble in my marriage Die by Fire!


I am looking forward to see you. If you can’t attend in person, please tune in live at 8PM GMT or 3PM EST at


Please Be Advised that if you are sending in your prayer request by online, it must be received today latest by 6PM GMT otherwise it will not be printed in time for the service. (For those living in North America that is Friday at 1PM EST). Thank you


Join me Friday @ 7:30PM at:

Mega TKC Miracle House

93 Camberwell Station Rd

London, SE5 9JJ

0207 738 3668

Yours In Christ Jesus 

Prophet Climate 


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  1. Can you please pray that God please help my kids Emmanuel and Gabriel ?The staff at the school is putting falsifications against my kids grades and their attendance’s in school.Both of my kids were hurt .

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