Do You Find It Hard To Attract Or Keep Good Things In Your Life..?

Do You Find It Hard To Attract Or Keep Good Things In Your Life..? Tonight The Miracle Pool Is Back And We Must Do This….Click Now! Dear Child of God,  On Sunday we finished a powerful Five-day conference where we were daily stepping into the Miracle Pool. Powerful miracles and testimonies have been taking place. And this Friday we are ...

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TONIGHT I See 7 Areas Of Your Life Are About To Flow With Miracles!! Click Now

  Dear Child of God,   About 8 years ago, God led me to open up the Miracle Pool, a special pool of water which is prayed over and anointed in order for people to walk through and receive a miracle, whatever it is they need according to their faith. When we first introduced the Miracle Pool here in London, many ...

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Are YOU Ready To Step into Your Breakthrough.? Learn More About The Miracle Pool, Testimonies, Anointing Of Hands Service & More!

…Read All About The Miracle Pool Which Is Running Throughout This May 2014!… Hi Church, For those who don’t know about The Miracle Pool and what its about I wanted to share with you personally what you can expect from attending and partaking in this special anointing. The month of May is an exciting time for me as I know ...

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