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Dear Reader, 

Wow what a powerful service yesterday, at The Miracle Pool. I know for all of you who attended in person or streamed our service online, you got to experience and witness the powerful move of God. Many were slain under the anointing, many received instant testimonies and others shared there testimonies about what God had done for them through The Miracle Pool. 


The anointing was so strong and just as I had been telling you, the 5th day of the 5th month something was going to happen. And during this service something happened! 


Just after the Miracle Pool God gave me a special instruction to close and reopen The Miracle Pool for specific times and days  it within this month. 


But because this is the month of Grace, God wants to give you one more opportunity. Tomorrow Sunday 7th May we need to hear from God. We are going to have The Miracle Frankincense service. And God has shown me that something big Is going to happen. Tomorrow I am going to release a special declaration as we have entered into this new month or May. It’s very important for those who missed The Miracle Pool to come and join us for tomorrow’s Frankincense Service.


Yes! Tomorrow you need to make extra effort to participate in this service because it’s the same angel who’s stirred the water in the pool and it’s the same angel who is going to take up your prayer request before God to get your miracle. 


This month something powerful is taking place. There’s something about angels this month! These angels are assigned to locate your miracle. Locate your favour and your blessings. This month of May is going to be, your month of miracles all you have to do is believe and it is will be done according to your faith.


This is not a opportunity you can miss, don’t be left out of your miracle 

In This Place Miracles Do Happen ! All Things Are Possible 
Join us for the month of May here at TKC London for The Frankincense & Miracle Pool ! Come and join us For A month long experience of miracles,
Sunday, 7 May 2017
09:30 am,  11:00 am & 02:30 pm, GMT +1


The best thing you can do now is to bookmark your Prophetic webinar link, and to set a reminder on your calendar so you don’t miss the webinar.


Here are the webinar details:

Link: https://app.webinarjam.net/register/37057/3b715ba807

Title: In This Place Miracles Do Happen ! All Things Are Possible  

Description: Join us for the month of May here at TKC London for The Frankincense & Miracle Pool ! Come and join us For A month long experience of miracles,

Host: Prophet Climate  

Date: Sunday, 7 May 2017 
Time: 09:30 am,  11:00 am & 02:30 pm  London, GMT +1

See you at the Live webinar!


Prophet Climate 


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  1. Greetings in Jesus name. Yes indeed it was powerful. I watched it on webinar. Glory to God.

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