She Was In Critical Condition And Now Healed…How? Discover Why It’s Important For YOU To Attend The School Of Healing Tonight!


………Read This Powerful Healing Testimony Below!………

” Hi Bishop, I really thank God for your life and The school of Healing & Deliverance services. I was working at a hospital and I laid my hands on a boy who was in a coma. I prayed for his restoration and prayed for him to wake up and he did! A nurse saw me do this and said I have a friend of mine who is in another hospital, she is in critical condition and has a hole In her head. The woman gave me all her details for her friend who was in critical condition and I put it on a prayer request and gave it to the Man of God during the school of healing and deliverance service. After that I wasn’t at work for two weeks when I returned the nurse said to me her my friend is doing well she had surgery and was sent home and now is completely healed. She said this is a miracle as the doctor said there was no chance for her to survive! I give God all the thanks and praise for doing this miraculous healing! “– Mrs P.M, London

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At 7:30pm TONIGHT It’s The School Of Healing & Deliverance Miracle Service. Come and be healed from all sickness and diseases. According to Luke 4:40 the Man of God will release the power of God over you and your finances. Come and be free Spiritually, Physically, Financially and Emotionally. 

What you should know about The School Of Healing and Deliverance Service: 

The Special Healing & Deliverance School thousands have been healed and delivered from all sorts of sicknesses and diseases. Hebrew 13:8 says “Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” and Jesus is still healing people just like he did 2000 years ago. As I lay my hands on every single person each Friday night, sicknesses are healed, demons flee, and people are experiencing real breakthrough.

Tonight, the anointing of God is waiting! No matter what you might be facing, physical, emotional, financial, marital, etc. God wants to heal YOU! All you have to do is act in faith and believe that the same Jesus who healed 2000 years ago is the same God who will heal you today.

Remember to Bring all your red letters, photos, points of contacts for The Man Of God to lay his hands on. As He lays his hands on those documents, the power of God will begin to flow, affecting every area of your life.

And remember if you are not able to join us physically in London, you can be able to tune in Live at the links below. There is no distance in prayer, from your TV or computer screen, lay your hands on the screen as Bishop Climate begins to minister and pray you can receive God’s same healing power!

See Our TKC London Weekend schedule 6th September – 8th September 2013!

Kickstart Your weekend with our Powerful 3AM Prayer and Deliverance service tomorrow; Prepare for spiritual Combat and experience freedom here at this powerful service! Tonight “EVERY CIRCLE OF FAILURE IN YOUR LIFE MUST STOPPED!”

Tomorrow Join us at Kingdom Professionals Meeting at 4pm -6pm! Are you looking to excel in your business, in your career? Looking how to shoot to the top of your career ladder in the right way? Come and discover Biblical Principles on how you can walk in the spirit of excellence no matter what type of career or business you are in!


8-9AM it’s Morning Glory! Join us to start your Sunday in prayer!

9-10AM Prophetic Hour This is your time to meet with the man of God no appointment needed! You are all welcome Just be sure to turn up early as limited spaces are available.

11AM Word Service:  Is spiritual growth your purpose? Do you want to live a successful and winning lifestyle? Do you want to be a disciple of Jesus? Then Come hear the word, Grow and glow spiritually!

3PM Miracle Prophetic Service:– Are you believing God for a quick breakthrough, Personal word of Knowledge? Do you want to face Monday with a High gear , full of energy and power? Then this service is for you!

Our Prayer Lines are open and available 24/7 If you have any need, seeking spiritual guidance through Prayer and Deliverance:


Call Now +44 207 738 3668 For UK

Call Now 1-732-444-7074 For North America (USA & CANADA)

– Greetings From Bishop Climate & Bishop Climate Ministries Team


  1. My name is Jelen Coulanges from the Island of St Maarten in the Caribbean, I’m in need of prayer please come in agreement with me and God Jesus the Holy spirit for a full healing recovery in my body, I’m facing health problems whereby all doctors tells me all is fine but I don’t feel fine, I need prayer for my home address! please pray for my kids I’m 26 and my world is fallen apart,im a strong believer plssss pray for me!

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