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I want to share my testimony, It’s Now 3 years since I decided to study at your feet oh great Prophet, I am Italian born. But I live in Moldavia I work as school teacher. I learned many things during these 3 years of Faith, but the most amazing thing I was attracted by the frankincense Miracle service. Early 2016 you gave Instruction that we should Ask what we need during this Miraculous service, I needed God to intervene seen I was now a woman of age with no Husband nor children. I bought a wedding dress and by faith Every first Sunday of the month I will wave it during the Frankincense. Early last year I met a wonderful man, Just like how I had asked God we got married in April in the same white dress and we were blessed with a baby , oops !!! its was a boy, Though I am thousands of miles away, yet His presence through TV has brought Peace and Miracles Into my life. We can testify my husband and I that The Frankincense Miracle Service Works: – Valencia – Moldavia


Dear Child Of God

Join us Tomorrow Morning Sunday, July 1 at 9AM & 11AM For

Morning Glory Frankincense Miracle Service!

Today we are sanctifying ourselves to Enter into the Presence of God! . If there is any day for you to Join with us it is this Sunday! Power is about to flow like never before, a Special Anointing will be here that whatever you ask for in His presence, it is yours in Jesus name. I see instant miracles taking place, I see supernatural Healings. I see Great Breakthroughs coming your way.

You must get Yourself Ready with No delay! Remember to Wear White or Something White.

Participate from Home and watch Live at from 9AM GMT (British Time)



Child Of God, Remember that the Frankincense Service is a time of Prayer & Meditation to Receive the Anointing, Glory & Favor of the Lord in your life. Exercise your Faith Now by submitting your Prayer Request. Remember Your Prayer Request should be positive and include things that you would like God to bless you with. I want you to WRITE a list of everything you need God to resurrect in your life. Click Below to Do it Now!


I need you to do something, Today God wants to visit your home, your working place, actually God wants His Presence to be wth you. Today I will be releasing special Anointing for God to visit you and fight for you and give you victory. But of that to happen you must clean your house, your home. you must


1. You Must Declutter your home.

Living in an untidy home can block God from visiting your home and protecting you from your enemies, it also blocks positive energies from flowing through the house which are essential for the angels to move around and create negative feelings and bad luck. This simple action of decluttering can give you renewed energy and empower you to change your life from bad to good.


” For the Lord your God is on the move within your camp to deliver you and to hand your enemies over to you. Therefore, your camp must be holy so that he will not see anything indecent among you and turn away from you.” (Deuteronomy 23:14)


Start by decluttering your home – remove any unwanted or disused items and throw them away. Then give your house a thorough cleaning – clearing cobwebs and removing dust.


2. Join Me Live From London

You Must Join Me Live During this Miracle Service, You must wear something white. It’s Important that you register If you are going to give a Love offering you should get a free Pass, but you can register to watch. If you miss it there will be opportunity for you to watch it again in a reply and you can still participate at that time. (This applies only to those who have successfully registered) Its going to be powerful and amazing.

** Remember to sow your seed of Faith according to Revelation 8:3 which has become our foundational scripture for this Service. “Another angel, who had a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense to offer, with the prayers of all God’s people, on the golden altar in front of the throne.”

As you do this, whatever prayer you have submitted will be taken to heaven tomorrow as I lift them up on your behalf.




WE WILL PRINT IT ON YOUR BEHALF TO PRESENT IT BEFORE GOD – Remember your donation helps offset the cost of printing.

Click Now To Submit Your Miracle Frankincense Prayer Form!

Deadline Closes Today at 10AM GMT so Submit your prayer request Now!

Your Miracle is Waiting @

Mega TKC

Miracle House

93 Camberwell Station Road

London, SE5 9JJ

Your In Holy Prophecy

Prophet Climate

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