Jesus Transforming someone feet Tonight in the Service at the Kingdom Church

[PR] Tonight I See Your Feet Stepping On These Higher Grounds


Dear Child Of God,



Hello Prophet, Due to the fire service  that I watched online yesterday.   After I woke up today . I feel  like something has Broken off of my life something have been removed I am free  . Thanks to you and glory to God

From M.M – Japan 



BREAKING NEWS !! After yesterday fire service 2 people who have been facing hostile neighbours this morning their enemies chose to run away, police are looking for them. One of them came packed up his stuff on the van and drove off to Romania, The angel send by God through the Man of God are busy. Tonight This Saturday At 7:30pm It’s BRAVEHEART “POWER NIGHT” get ready for powerful prophecies and Miracles as you Anoint your feet for More favours .

Child Of God, Its amazing to see at what extent people will go to destroy relationships, from marriages, businesses, career to local good family relationships.There is a spirit of division, disgrace and shame rooming all over the place.

The world is sick, there is a strong spirit of jealousy, you looks good, you think you are successful someone is jealous about it and there on their way to do something about it. What have you been doing? Nothing just naive believing that those things don’t exist, many believers by the time they discover is too late. It’s not about how you start its how you will finish that what will matter. No wonder Jesus Said ” And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake “(Matthew 10:22 KJV): but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. It’s about the finish line that’s what matters.  During this conference I see you finishing well. 

But I feel in my spirit, today I want us to have a heart to heart, because I feel that you have been naive for too long. For years you have been the mockery of the family, you have been a mockery before your friends and co-workers, because it seems you are the only one that doesn’t know what is going on. You know as long as you don’t understand your enemies then they will prevail against you. But once you understand then you have an upper hand. But today I declare that you shall no longer be ignorant but God is going to expose all the plans of your enemies in the name of Jesus.

The problem is that you think because you treat people nice that that is how they should treat you. But you got it wrong. There are some people in your life that have been born on purpose and intentionally with only one assignment: TO DESTROY YOU! And no matter how nice you are to them, no matter how you treat them, it will not change the pure hatred in their hearts towards you. 

Because when I was praying for you I saw that many times you had even fed your enemies information about you that they went and used against you. That’s why every time you got in type of relationship and began to tell people about it, the next day the person wanted to have nothing to do with you. I you lost a lot of many connections.

Child Of God, I saw that you have been placed before a demonic looking glass that your enemies have been using to monitor you in order to keep you in bondage. They wait for the opportune time to steal your blessing from you. But right now I take authority over every pre-determined attack, I break its powers in the name of Jesus!

I see someone is determined to hinder your progress, someone is determined to destroy your happiness.someone wants to cut off your success. This morning when I was praying for you I saw that someone out of jealousy had released a spell over your life. They went and put your photo on a demonic altar and confessed over it that you would never have a successful relationships, No matter what you begin it will end up in disaster, but right now I speak to that altar, I command it to be dismantled in the name of Jesus. Every demonic spell that has been released against your life, against your relationships, I command them to be broken now in the name of Jesus!

This time, thus says the Lord, “You will not lose another battle. You will never go lower than where you are now. But you will rise from strength to strength, from one victory to another victory” in Jesus name!

I declare NO MORE DISAPPOINTMENTS! Where your Life are concerned, NO MORE DISAPPOINTMENTS!

I want you to stand with me today, and begin to declare that you will NO Longer Lose what God has given you in the name of Jesus. But you shall receive your blessing. You will never miss another God-given opportunity in the name of Jesus.

Your eyes have been spiritually blinded for years so that you never find the right place to put your foot in life. But today I declare, may the Lord anoint your eyes to see His blessing. You will never miss it again in the name of Jesus! 

Today,  we are day 3 Of the Braveheart Conference, Tonight the prophets Of God will release powerful miracles and anointing over your life, I want to represent you there at the altar during this powerful prophetic moment. Child Of God, I want you to fill in your prayer agreement form asap.  Today there will be Anointing of The Feet. I want you to put your faith into action as We realise this upon your life. Will you send me the Picture of your feet so I can Can pray over it and anoint your photo for you to step on higher ground. something is going to happen as I anoint the picture of your feet, I see a release, I see favour. God has promised me that he will hand you over new and better life, New and great places, better career , better lifestyle:  I am handing over to you every place you set foot, as I promised Moses. ( Joshua 1:3) Thats why your feet or the photo of your feet must be anointed tonight. 

P.S. Child Of God ,   I want you to send me the photo of your feet asap, whatsoever time you get this mail before the end of this conference. I must anointing it. Today  I ask The Holy Spirit for 300 Soldiers of Christ , My War cry Partners… who will Sow a special Double portion mission seed of £13  according to Joshua 1:3  to help us in  hosting this war conference The BRAVE HEART CONFERENCE . Will You Sow That Seed Today..?


When you Sow your Seed of £26 , Remember to request Your Gift of Appreciation, ” The Anointing Oil Of Total Victory  ”  I will also send you a Free Live broadcast Pass for you to join me and watch live for all those 5 Days for those who are Far away . ( Please check the email on your spam, please remember to add me into your contact list so that you don’t miss your prophetic emails) …! Whatever Seed You Sow…Will Unlock The Harvest God Has Promised You. Thank You From My Heart..!




I just Brought fresh new Frankincense, Fresh new weapon of our warfare, Fresh Anointing, Fresh favours, Fresh armoury and T-shirts for this powerful conference.. I can guarantee you that the battle you have been going through, Is now about to be transferred from your hands into the hands of Almighty God.Things are about to change.

For  More information  on Travel and accommodation please  you can contact our Partners dedicated Number on +44 7956 318196 

Yours In Prophecy 
Prophet Climate 


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