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And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul: So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them

Acts 19:11-12

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More Miracles are happening Like never before, It really gives me joy to share with you. One thing that I know that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, Today and forever. God commanded me to share these miracles with you and all those who read and believe will experience greater Miracles.  Please Read this testimony about this woman, and as you celebrate her testimony God will do it for you.
Dear Bishop Climate,
I thank God for Bishop Climate Ministries, the anointing and miracles that I hear and read about from other people that have been blessed in our church.
Bishop I would like to share this miracle with you and other people. I was called for a job interview  for Monday 15/10/12  outside London at Broadstairs.
I got up early, prepared myself and went to Victoria train station by bus unaware that I’ll need another ticket to where i was going to. On arrival I asked one of the train assistants to assist me as I couldn’t get to the platform no. for my train. The assistant told me that I need to buy a ticket to get to Broadstairs. I  did not have money in my bank and I knew that very well as I initially wanted to buy a drink and my card declined as there was no money in it.  But I needed to go for this interview which I felt positive about and was right in Victoria station at that time.. I convinced myself that I  wasn’t going back  home. I was determined  to go for my interview. Something told me to go to the ticket line. I  went and stood behind the queue. My turn came and I went to the seller. I asked the man how much he was selling the single and return tickets for to Broadstairs. He told me that its £31.10.
As I took out my bank card from my handbag, something in my mind said to pray quickly and I did. I immediately saw the MIRACLE  HANDKERCHIEF that you gave us a few weeks ago. I quickly wrapped my bank card with that miracle handkerchief, kept it between both my hands and pleaded to God that I need to buy a ticket to go for my interview and I don’t have money in my bank.  I said “God please give me a return ticket”. I told God the truth. I was trembling. I quickly put my card into the box and my pin number and I believed. Then all  I saw was an approval slip. I received FAVOURS! I got my return tickets! The  miracle handkerchief that I got from you Bishop Climate worked for me and I thank God that my interview was successful. I’ve kept my miracle tickets as my remembrance  that I got FAVOURS from the LORD. I later wanted to buy coffee and sandwich but my card was declined.  I now know that God wanted to give me what I needed most.
My second miracle Bishop Climate is that on Friday 19/10/12, after having received my ticket miracle on the 15/10/12, God blessed me again  with PPI Compensation money from the loan I took  in 2007. I received exactly the sum that I was promised last month and thank God that He gave me a salary I needed to give my Tithe and offerings. Bishop, what came from my mind was that God knew when I will be needing  those  blessings  and I learned that its ‘ok’ to wait for Him. I know big big things are on the way.
I thank you Bishop and may God continue to bless you 
From E .(London -UK )
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Services Provided For all our partners will be :

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