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For the first time Bishop Climate according to the word of God in Ezekiel 11:19  God used him to remove the heart of stone and replaced it with a heart of flesh.  A heart of stone is created through reacting and adjusting to life’s negative experiences such as abuse, struggling and poverty.  Child of God the heart that has been replaced is not the heart the major organ in the physical body but a special kind of heart.  This heart is a place where the combined spirit and soul dwell together.

This heart is susceptible to attack from the enemy who wants the possession of your soul.  Once the enemy has the power over your soul you will become vulnerable to attacks in areas of your life such as finances, marriage, business and children.  If you are wondering how the enemy attack my soul, let me give you the answers that Bishop Climate taught.

The enemy attacks through avenues that are created by evil wishes.  These were defined by Bishop Climate as “negative elements or thoughts towards you directed by other people”.  These other people are strangers that attack without provocation or wrong doing from you but they see your star shinning and attack (1Samuel 20:1, Psalms 54:3). When they project these thoughts they are after an individual’s soul.

Bishop Climate said “The reason why people are jealous, they have seen the star shinning”

Another way evil wish occur does not involve a third party is when you project negative thoughts towards yourself.  Often people will have premeditated thoughts that something bad or negative is going to happen that will cause sickness, injury disease and even death.  When this kinds of thoughts occupy your mind child of God it takes Jesus to set you free.  For an individual source of evil wishes this results in self hate, insecurities, loss of confidence and rejection.

When the enemy can access this place this means their attack strategy does not need to be complicated because they have got access to ruin other parts of your life like marriage, finance, health, business for instance. Both of these sources of evil wishes leads to destruction in areas of life that eventually no progress or fruit of the hand is achieved.

This heart needs protection from the attack of the enemy.  It is important for the heart to be protected from the enemy as the main aim of the enemy is to give you a broken heart.  When the heart is broken it becomes a sick heart which affect the physical health.  The solution to fixing a sick soul is healing of soul and broken heart is mending the heart through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ in the Bible Luke 4:18 says that “he came to heal the broken hearted”

However, there is a way of concurring bad wishes that came from strangers or from yourself.  Bishop Climate in this teaching identifies that there is strategy in the Bible that we need to follow.  Begin by not entertaining negative thoughts as this creates an avenue of attack in the enemies strategies.  As said by Bishop Climate “Some thoughts can not be entertained.  Deal with them and banish them.”

By the end of the day the Prophet of God was led by the spirit of God to pray for people and he laid his hands on the according to Luke 4:40 many people were touched by the power of God healed and delivered instantly. In the Bishop Climate Ministry people are able to learn where they can’t learn anywhere else. Its now 6 years since God instructed the man of God to start the healing and deliverance school every saturday a part from the 2nd week of the month where we hold the anointing of the hands miracle service . During this services thousands have been healed, many people travel from far to experience God’s power first hand. Others will watch live and order the teaching in audio or Dvd form and experience the power of God in their lives, In my next report I will be sharing with you some of the powerful testimonies that God has done through his prophet during this powerful healing services.

You can now download this powerful teaching by clicking the link below or by visiting our online audio book store at , Also I want you to mark your calendar for the next Healing and Deliverance School as you attend come expecting the Man of God Bishop Climate to pray for you and lay his hands on you and expect a total healing and a cure to every sickness or diseases that you have, Invite friend or family for this is always a great occasion for the whole family.

 Overcoming Every Evil Wish 


Overcoming Every Evil Wish

The prayer points on this teaching teaching titled Overcoming Every Evil Wish are also available on the same audio cd at

I am happy to announce that Bishop Climate has a new book for the Deliverance Series Volume 13 titled Victory Over Every Evil Wish with more prayer points. Please make sure you get a copy frpm the book store .

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    Than you Biishop i believe i recieve all the plans that God has prepare for me my children and all those who carry my name Amen

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