Does it seem no matter how much you pray, no matter what you try, it seems you are stuck in the same circle and you can’t get out? Do you ever feel like God doesn’t really care about you because of the problems you face? 

In this Powerful New Audio Book – Destroying Every Demonic Covenant Over Your Life – the man of God Bishop Climate unveils the truth about how you can cut demonic covenants over your life without knowing, which give devil a legal right to access your life, hindering God from blessing you.

The reason why nothing has been moving in your life is because there are some demonic agreements that have been made where your life is concerned. Satan has been controlling you 24/7 for he was given access to you, but now every demonic covenant over your life must be broken in Jesus name!

Get this Audio Book Today and discover all the different ways in which demonic covenants are cut over your life and how you can unknowingly dedicate your body to the devil through different practices.

With powerful Pray-Along Prayer Points, not only will you learn how to free yourself from every Demonic Covenant, but every chains that have been holding you for years are going to be broken in Jesus mighty name!

It’s Your Time For Favor! It’s Your Time To Be Free!

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