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Dear Reader ,

Thanks first of all for taking time to read this story, I trust that as you hear this testimony God will do the same for you . I would love to say thank you for all people that have been sending me their testimonies, One lady shared how after following the instruction that I gave to  her over video prophesy received a financial breakthrough and to confirm what she did was right , again this week the Lord visited her in the dream and told her that he was pleased by her sharing her testimony though it was small now he will bless her big, Today God moved again and paid off her  Loan that she had for 7 years . Thats why I need you to hear the following Miracles. The Same God will move for you . If he did it for them he will do it for you . Just do what they did and you will prosper . Remember To Click the Video below For More Information.


Good Evening Bishop 

Greetings to you & family. I feel blessed and anointed and thank The Lord everyday I have got in touch with such an amazing church congregation. I am writing to you for two reasons, to give a testimony and to ask for advice.

Since I stepped into the church last year, I moved out of London and got a very good job . I use the miracle pack and this year I have moved from favour to favour. There have been 3 redundancy periods all of which I conquered and am still employed. Then they told us by the November we will not have any jobs, last week they extended the contract to December. I praise The Lord for his favour. I wanted to share this testimony with you.

The TKC church is not just one of anointing and healing but it has taught me many things. It is a place of teaching.  I have taken an active role to learn more. I download your audio books and teaching. I have been listening to the teaching about Angels couriers of blessings. And downloaded 4 books. I have listened and feel in my spirit I need to action my angels. Bishop please may you explain how I call them. In the audio teaching you also mention about Arc angels and speaking in tongues is not a means of calling our angels.
As yet I have turned to a scripture in the bible – a promise then command my angels based on the promise but I am not sure if this is correct. Please advise further. My new motto is PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens! As you mentioned in your teaching.
Also you do mention a book, the first book you wrote – please may you email me the name & I will purchase online.

Thank you for reading my email. I hope to hear from you soon.

S.D – London


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