Ladies on Fire Presents Unforgettable Woman Conference 2012 this Nov 21-25. Join Dr Jennifer & Guests for a Life-Changing Event!

This Nov 21 – 25, join the woman of God Dr Jennifer Irungu alongside Bishop Climate Irungu with powerful renowned speakers from all over the world for this powerful event – Unforgettable Woman Conference 2012!

The Ladies on Fire Ministry was founded by Dr Jennifer Irungu, First Lady of The Kingdom Church, with the purpose of equipping women of God to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to make a difference in the world. Through their annual conferences, biblical truths are imparted in a practical way to encourage and build up women from all walks of life to effectively move in God’s will.


First Lady Dr Jennifer Irungu – The Kingdom Church, UK

First Lady of the Kingdom Church and Founder & President of Ladies on Fire, this is the woman of God behind the powerful, life-changing events held each year at The Kingdom Church.

A powerful woman of God; anointed with extra-ordinary wisdom for women. Dr. Jennifer possesses an unwavering anointing to impart the word of God to ones faith beyond a shadow of doubt. Since 2005, she has been leading these powerful conferences held each year, and hundreds of thousands of woman have been gathering in support, their lives being revolutionized by her incredible teachings on how to live life as a Proverbs 31 Woman.

Bishop Climate Irungu – The Kingdom Church, UK

The Bishop of The Kingdom Church and husband of Dr Jennifer Irungu, the man of God walks in such an undeniable anointing that thousands testify weekly of powerful miracles taking place in their life as a results of his prayers and deliverance services. Not only has God anointed him with His yoke destroying, burden removing, devil chasing power of God, but He has given him a great wisdom unlike any other. And each year during the Unforgettable Woman Conference the man of God shares his profound wisdom and insight on how to catch a man and keep a man. He also shares wisdom keys for married people on how to enjoy your spouse and experience the marriage that God has prepared for you before the foundations of the world!


Bishop Deborah Belton – Heart of God Ministries, USA

Pastor & Founder of Heart of God Ministries since 2002. With a unique & prophetic preaching style, every year the woman of God comes with a powerful word as she is led by the Lord that is sure to change the hearts & lives of every woman attending the Unforgettable Woman Conference. With a passion and sincere desire to see every woman become all that God has ordained her to be, her illustration of the Word makes it clear to see how you can live every day as a Winner.

Evangelist Marbel Chuwozo – Assemblies of God, Nigeria

Graceful & elegant but powerful with every word she releases, a moment in her presence is sure to change your life forever. This year, Evangelist Marbel has a word in season for you: with her divine revelation & insight into how to be an overcomer as a Christian woman, get ready to step into the next level of your destiny.

Rev. Lucy Muiru – Maximum Miracle Centre, Kenya

First Lady of one of the fasting growest churches in Kenya, Rev. Lucy is a vibrant woman of God on fire for Jesus. With a passion and love for God that is impossible to quench, she delivers timely words with her fun & quirky yet powerful preaching style. Discover new revelations and insights as she helps you to obtain all what God has in store for you. You must become an Unforgettable Woman!


DATES: 21-25 November 2012

 VENUE: The Kingdom Church, Miracles House, 93 Camberwell Station Rd, London SE5 9JJ


 Wed, Nov 21 – 7PM Word Session

Thurs, Nov 22 – 4PM Holy Ghost Gym & 7PM Word Session

 Fri, Nov 23 – 2PM Singles Session & 7PM Word Session

 Sat, Nov 24 – 2PM Marriage Session  & 7PM Kitchen Party, Fashion Show & Word Session

 Sun, Nov 25 – 9AM Sanctification Session with Dr Jennifer Irungu  &  11AM Word Session

 Sun, Nov 25 – 3PM Miracle Service & Testimonies

 Final Note from Dr Jennifer :

“Dear Woman on Fire,

I wait patiently to see you take time out of your busy schedule to join me and other ladies on fire. I appreciate if you would come with your family and friends and be part of the mighty move of God in our Fellowship. Yes your life will never be the same again.

I pray God to bless you as you come and I believe your family, your vision and your calling will be sharpened and uplifted to another level. Your presence in this gathering will be much appreciated.

I believe that this is a conference that will turn your life around and give you the energy and the anointing to accomplish what God started this year in your life. The fire that burn deep in your life , the fire that keeps you going and going despite of all challenges.

I look forward to seeing you.

God bless you and remain on Fire for Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus Christ”.

Yours sincerely,

Rev. Dr. Jennifer Irungu

President of LOF

CALL +44 0207 740 6001 or +44 208 114 9390 for More Details & Directions! See you there!  –

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  1. All are welcome. You are unforgettable miracles awaits you.

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