It’s Your Time!!!!….Come And Receive Amazing Healing Tonight 7:30PM At TKC London!

It’s Your Time!!!!….Come And Receive Amazing Healing tonight 7:30PM At TKC London! Read Prophetic Word From Bishop Climate! Watch Real Testimony Inside & More! 



“One day I had dreamed of someone Injecting me with a syringe. As I woke up I notice I was itching all over my chest, the itching then developed all over my body and turned into a dry skin disorder, at the same time my finances were attacked, so was my marriage. I went from one hospital to another with no solution, one church to another but still no solution. This lasted for 10 years, until last month when I came to Prophet Climate after he spoke a word, I step out for prayer he prayed for me and I was healed in Jesus Name. The next day all the scales began to fall off  and I was healed instant.”  BCM Partner 


Dear Child of God,

I hope you have all have all got the chance to go through the emails and texts I have sent you this week and tonight is going to be a special Healing and Miracle Service. Now It’s Your Turn to receive a special miracle! Make sure you join with me in London Tonight at 7:30PM and get ready for amazing healing in every area of your life spiritually, soul, body and financially. I will be laying my Hands on you according to Luke 4:40. Tonight you can Invite a friend, Bring a family member and come bringing your point of contacts as I see a big breakthrough coming your way. God is here! 

Want to Know More About the Healing & Miracle Service? 

It is testimonies like the one you watched and read above which led me to hold a weekly service of Healing & Miracles. Every Friday night, people come from all over the UK , EUROPE  AND AMERICA to receive prayer and a healing touch from God to change their situation. Our signature scripture is Heb 13:8 that ” Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” The Bible is not just a storybook, but at Bishop Climate Ministries it comes to life as we see Jesus perform the same miracles again and again here in 2017. 





Mega TKC Miracles House

93 Camberwell Station Rd,

London, SE5 9JJ. 

 Tel 0207 738 3668

Call Now +44 207 738 3668 for UK or 1-732-444-7074 for North America (USA & CANADA) 


Blessings to you,


Prophet Climate

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