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A friend introduced me to Bishop Climate in 2010. Nothing was working for me. I would work with all my heart everytime and get paid peanuts. I had problems with the police. Everytime i got on the road, i was getting a ticket or go to jail. Every place i ever lived, i got evicted!! I was always broke many times i just wanted to die! People knewme as the lady with never ending troubles. I even had a heart attack,and my young! Am a good person with a good heart. All my life i have been going to church but nothing was changing. In 2010 a friend begged me to go see Bishop Climate in New Jersey. I didnt even want to go. First i didnt have the money to even travel. The man of God heard about me and asked that if i made my way there he would pay my way back out of his own pocket. He even paid our hotel expenses at a quality hotel too. I was with two friends. I went with an open heart, 2 friends didnt receive and they are still in the same foot steps. From the time I met Bishop Climate i have had a job where i get paid more that i have ever been paid since the time i came to the states in Late 90s. I have been here over a decade. I have a beautiful house now. Recently my client wanted to go on vacation overseas with me but i cannot travel yet. My client keep insisting, and i used my miracle pack. When she came to my job, she didnt even mention nothing at do with the trip, insteady she gave me 3 hugs and 3 kisses on the cheek ad told me she didnt know what she would do without me!!

Listen, if there is someone out their who doesnt believe, you are missing out. I am a living testimony, I and I wouldn’t waste my time and or anyone’s time spreading false word! I dont gain anything out of it, but let me tell you, Bishop Climate is truely anointed. I have introduced my whole family to him, Amen!! Thank you man of God, and may the Kingdom Church Expand and continue to bless people of God!! Amen. God is good and I know he is taking me even to higher levels in 2013, no more barreness for me and my family! Amen!!
Miss N- USA

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  1. prettymonica2009@aol.com

    I am not happy as I paid for a download of bishop Climate and my PC will not download it, I was promised it will be posted to me and it was way back in Sept or Oct and nothing, please help me…thanks Monica

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