I Saw A Spirit Of Deception Has Been Tricking You Out Of Your Destiny … This Friday We Must Cut Them Down!






Dear Special Friend,

When I was praying for you this week, the Lord begin to show me about a specific enemy that has been behind all your problems. Yes this enemy has been using spiritual forces and witchcraft in order to deceive you into thinking they are your friend, when yet they are behind your destruction. I see some forces which have been trying to trick you into trusting them, and as a result you have lost a lot. 

The Bible tells us about the Gibeonites, a people who were a part of the Hivite community. When all the surrounding nations heard of the success God had been giving to Joshua and the tribe of Israel, the Gibeonites knew that if they fought them like everyone else they would lose. So they deliberately planned to deceive the children of Israel of their land. The Bible says they worked wilily (trickery). They tricked Joshua into believing they were from a far-off land, when yet they were their close neighbors. As a result, Joshua was emotionally influenced and agreed to sign a treaty with them without first enquiring of the Lord.  

I see someone has been putting on a demonic mask in order to make you think their intentions are good, someone has been using witchcraft in order to cause you to trust in them instead of seeking God first. And that is what has been your biggest downfall. 

The men of Israel sampled their provisions but did not inquire of the Lord. Then Joshua made a treaty of peace with them to let them live, and the leaders of the assembly ratified it by oath. But Joshua then made them hewers of wood and drawers of water for the congregation and for the altar of the Lord, to this day, in the place which He should choose. (Joshua 9:14,15,27)

Wow did you read that? The Gibeonites made a peace treaty with the children of Israel, and were given the job of cutting down their trees. As a result Joshua was always fighting other people’s battles. He was forced to involve himself in things that God had not called him to do. Even many years later during the reign of King David, they experienced a famine for three long years, and it had to do with the same Gibeonites. It became a distraction for David until he helped the Gibeonites. 

Listen, somebody has been cutting your tree in order to steal your focus away from what really matters. Somebody has been cutting your tree in order to block your blessing. Somebody has been cutting your tree in order to stir up problems in your life.  

When Joshua signed that peace treaty, he committed himself, the children of Israel and God to an indefinite responsibility. 

This Friday, the Lord revealed to me that there is a Hivite spirit, a spirit of deception in your life that wants to limit your destiny by bringing things to distract you. 

Yes I saw evil forces that have been assigned to swindle you, but this year we must stop them, we must uproot them. They have kept you in a spiritual loop to make you believe in their lies. 

The Hivite/Gibeonite spirit lured Joshua not to consult of the Lord. I see somebody has been luring you into their trap, not to consult of the Lord. The end result or outcome is devastating and costly.

The spirit of deception is always luring you into a trap. Financial traps, relationship traps, social traps, health traps, and all what they aim to do is to capsize your destiny. Somebody wants to attach themselves to you by force. Somebody is trying to make you responsible for their life by tending to your tree. You must cut them off before it’s too late! 

I see a devil’s agent that wants to befriend you, but they have selfish motives at heart. They are only interested in their own benefit. They want to free ride on your favor, they want to free ride on your success, but I declare you will not be deceived again! You will not be deceived to leave your position, you will not lose your money, your wealth or health again in the name of Jesus.

That’s why you must terminate this spirit. This spirit that hides behind the mask of companies, friends and especially strangers to swindle your money and resources, to swindle your opportunities, we command it to be exposed today! 

This Friday is the Miracle Fire Service. Right now I want you to send me your list of all those who enemies who have been deceiving you and who have been behind your downfall. As we throw them in the Fire, God is going to expose every Hivites in your life. You will no longer be a victim of scams. But every evil force summoned from hell in order to deceive you must die by fire!

I declare that you will not be deceived, your family will not be deceived, your heart and mind will not be deceived. I declare that whosoever has deceived you emotionally, spiritually, physically or financially, may the Lord God Almighty cause them to vomit everything and let them be exposed.

They also that seek and demand my life lay snares for me, and they that seek and require my hurt speak crafty and mischievous things; they meditate treachery and deceit all the day long. But I, like a deaf man, hear not; and I am like a dumb man who opens not his mouth. Yes, I have become like a man who hears not, in whose mouth are no arguments or replies. For in You, O Lord, do I hope; You will answer, O Lord my God.  Make haste to help me, O Lord, my Salvation. (Psalms 38: 12-15, 22)

I feel in my spirit right now you need to give a special seed acccording to Psalms 38 that God will save you from every evil person who has been laying snares for you. Whosoever have been speaking crafty things and planning deceit for you, God will have the final say.  Yes I see God putting an end to that deception. I see God cutting off the head of every devils agent who have been assigned to trick you out of your money, to trick you out of your destiny, to trick you out of your home, to trick you out of your relationship, to trick you out your good fortune, to trick you out of your health, to trick you out of your career!

As soon as I receive your prayer request and your special seed for this fire service, I will send you 19 POWERFUL PRAYER POINTS to overcome the spirit of deception. You must pray them in preparation for this Friday’s service! 





Click Below to Fill in your Fire List Right Here Online! We now have a New simple page where you can submit all your Prayer Requests for the Fire including any pictures of documents or people you would like to be put in the fire. Please click Below to do that Now!




Remember there are two key steps to making sure you actively participate for your Miracle during this Fire Service.

Step 1: Your Fire List. Write down the list of all your known and unknown enemies, it could be physical people, emotional, financial, career problems you are facing, court cases, etc.

Step 2: Build An Altar. Today I want to encourage you to send your faith ahead of you. Whatever it is that you are believing God for, I want you to plant a seed in order to execute it. Give a special offering Today, remember this is serious spiritual business we are conducting here, Offering gives the spiritual ream the ability to act on your behalf. so serious obedience is must.  Don’t be naive, remember that your enemies are prepared to search the earth over to bring whatever sacrifice is demanded of them. Sometimes the problems you face cannot be overcome until you bring a bigger sacrifice to conquer that problem. Faith without action is dead, so as you prepare your list tonight that you would like to go into the fire, take a corresponding action and sow a seed. 

If you would like to call our Prayer Line to speak to one of our prayer warriors:

For UK Call: +44 207 738 3668

For USA Call: +1 347 708 1449

For Anywhere else you can Connect with us Via Whatsaap: +44 07498 674852 or +44 07448 583480

***PLEASE NOTE: When writing your list to put into the fire, please don’t put anything that you don’t want God to destroy. For example, don’t write a new house or a good marriage (these are not problems). Instead you put lack of a house, or trouble in my marriage Die by Fire!

I am looking forward to see you. If you can’t attend in person, please tune in live at 8PM GMT or 3PM EST . Ask our Prayer Warriors for a special link to watch live online. Or you can text us easily Via WHATSAAP to request your link to watch on: +44 7405 046812

Please Be Advised that if you are sending in your prayer request by online, it must be received before Friday at 8PM GMT otherwise it will not be printed in time for the service. (For those living in North America that is Friday at 3PM EST). Thank you

NOTE: If you are planning on attending in person, please bring your list with you on a physical piece of paper.



Praying for your Success,

Prophet Climate


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