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Dear Reader, 

I greet you in Jesus Name as today. Number one I want to say thank you so much for your partnership and support that I have received from you time and gain, I believe our connection is important especially for the sake of your destiny. Thats why Today I have a special token for you to uplift your spirit. Its FREE DOWNLOAD. The Link is at the bottom, you will need to dowload to PC First or computer then to your phone.


I just want to take the time to send this special message to you about blessings. Do you know that many people want to be blessed or think that there blessed but have no idea what a blessing actually are. The day I understood about blessings my life changed and today I just want to share this special key with you so you can unlock blessings into your life. Once you uncover this key I know your life is going to turn around.


My Dear Reader Blessings are a supernatural power that comes upon you that will enable you to prosper and be successful. Blessings puts value on everything in your life. Blessings put value on your degree, Blessings puts value on your talent’s and on everything you own.I know there are things in your life that has been on hold. There have been many opportunities that you have missed. God has revealed to me that you have been taking to long clinging to the past. Too long dwelling on your circumstances. You need to move on quickly as you have stayed in the same position, enough is enough. Listen to the spirit of God within you, don’t listen to your mind. Listen to God’s voice that speaks within you and You will make it, there is a breakthrough waiting for you. Even though with man its possible with God all things are possible.


There are times where your mind tells you, you can’t do it, there are reminders of your past, you’re failure and all the challenges ahead. But remember to keep your eyes on the Ark of the Lord as you are about to cross your river Jordan. You are about to cross into your place of your blessings. My Dear Reader know that you are moving forward and you are moving in front of every obstacle, every challenge, every mountain. As now is the time for your blessings to be unlocked as every valley is going to be filled up with blessings in your life.


One of these days, one of these midnights The spirit of God is going to stir you, in your spirit and you will know that your moment of blessings has come. As soon as you uncover this revelation God is going to fill your life, fill your treasure, fill your barns beyond your imagination. And right now things in your life are on hold as you are only looking at what you can do with your hands. But God is saying if you allow Him, He is going to do exceeding abundantly above all things you can imagine for all your dreams and desires.


As your reading this something is going to happen. Your eyes are going to be open to the blessings that God has waiting for you. He knows you have been waiting and anticipating for this moment. Get ready as He is going to connect you, provide for you and lead you to your blessings. God is going to put value on your services, value on your degree and all your diplomas and accomplishments. As when God put value in your life and on your name no-one can reject or deny you.  This month is the 10th month of the year. This is the month of blessings and Child of God I feel so strong in my spirit that I need to speak to you.


Just like how an eagle soars and never suffers that’s how it’s going to be for you! You are going to fly high with grace. Because God is the one that has created your destiny, He is going to give you sweat-less victories and success. This month I want you to know just as God has given you your name and the air to breathe the same God will not forget you. God will bless you.


Haggai 2:19 “ Is there yet any seed left in the barn? Until now, the vine and the fig tree, the pomegranate and the olive tree have not borne fruit. “‘From this day on I will bless you.”


This month I need you to declare and decree “As from this day on God will bless me!”  Today I want to declare a special blessing upon your life. As from today everything you touch, the spirit of excellence will be upon all that you do. Today I declare that the favour of God will flow through your hands. May you do what nobody else has never done. This month I see you flying above every mediocrity, I see you flying above every challenge, I see you flying above every level of impossibility. I see you flying above every level of your enemies. As this month continue to declare “As from this day on God will bless me!” Today I want to give you a special gift for your continued love and support. This is a special Live Audio teaching entitled Unlocking Your Blessings. I know that as you listen and connect with me through this teaching, you will unlock and uncover every blessing that has been laid of for you.


God bless


– Prophet Climate



Unlocking Your Blessings Free Gift




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