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Prosperity Anointing Oil

Prosperity Anointing Oil

Product Description

Does your life seem like it is at a stand still? Has it been too long since your last raise or promotion? Prosperity anointing oil is used to bring prosperity to all areas of your life. If you could use more prosperity in your life then Prosperity oil may be for you. The many uses of Prosperity oil include:

  • Anoint your forehead and palm to bring more prosperity into your personal life
  • Anoint the main gates & door of your house or office to bring prosperity to your home or business
  • Add Miracle Salt and keep poverty spells away
  • Carry with you wherever you go to bring more prosperity into your daily life


Our Prosperity Oil is made using the highest quality ingredients According to Deut 8:18. The Anointing oil spends at least 12 Hours at the altar then the Prophet under the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT Released the Power known to attract Prosperity in every area of your life many thousands of people are experiencing this as seen Live on National TV

* Remember this product is available at our London Office. Ready To pick up, due to high demands please call ahead to reserve

** Actual Product is Larger than Image * (Packaging bottles may differ than what is adverstised)

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