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Hi Church,

What a powerful video testimony! Child of God we live in a world where people around you find pleasure in your own misfortune. They find joy in your despair and tragedy. They smile while you cry, some are people you are aware of and some make it there mission to cause havoc in your life behind closed doors. They don’t care about your welfare, your children or your happiness all they see is termination. But today that will be put to an end! Your prayers will be answered and your enemies prayers will not be answered! Today anyone who is leadership in front of you, who has been tormenting you, today it’s going to turn around and the person who favours you will replaced with your tormenter and torment will no longer be your portion! ( Psalms 109:8-20 NIV ) Today I declare any health issue and anyone trying to drive you out of your home, drive you into poverty, give you bad references, give you bad advice! Tonight they all will be dealt with! Child of God you may feel that someone has been moving your goal post or even that someone has been monitoring your life, today as you activate the special prophetic word that I declared upon your life, you come in agreement with me and sow a special seed of £109 in accordance to Psalms 109 over your life Amen. I pray that every curse that has been over your life will be broken! Get ready as the power of God moves! Invite all your friends and family to this special service, prepare your prayer fire lists, write down all your problems, cast them into the fire and watch your problems disappear, remain Blessed. – Bishop Climate Irungu 


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***PLEASE NOTE: When writing your Prayer Fire list for the Fire Service, only specifically write down problems you want God to remove in your life. Please don’t put anything that you don’t want God to destroy. 


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  1. jacqueline hopkins

    I want  these name to die by fire,1] Glenda Barnes Hughey,2] Sande Bailey Gwinn 3]Saul white 4]Thomas hardy5]Felicia  Wimberly 6] Carol Jeann Levitt 7] Monique Blackwell 8]  Terica Branch 9] jonsite Lewis 10] Annie duke 11] Edith William 12] tawana brown 13] Debra Norman 14] Andrea Slaughter 15] anika Carrington 16] Joe Dix 17] Jeff Copper 18]Samone Milsap 19] Bryan gray 20] Chris Wimberly.. my 16 years old son 10th grade teachers at East Hall High School trying to hold him back in the tenth grade and Anthony Brown Willie Hughey Mary ruth Jackson, Annie Hughey, Veronica Smith, ken barnes ,  

  2. I want Jarvis hill. ; Curtis stubbfield. My mother and daddy and all my family members who said evil and did evil to me and my kid be on the fire list my enemies at work all the men’s that did me wrong used and abuse me that I be debt free in 2015 any lack in my life and anything or anybody whose hindering my love life and for me to get married and whatsoever blocking my blessing and money and joy in me and my children’s life

  3. This Yolanda Gray and I want everybody and everything I listed to die by fire

  4. I want my exboyfriend. To die by fire tonight and jarvis. Hill whose working witchcraft against me to die by fire and cerissa butler whose my enemy to die by fire and anything or anybody that’s my enemy to die by fire and Curtis stubbfield to die by fire in Jesus name. Amen

  5. I want to put my son girlfriend Cindy Murphy and Malcolm windfall on the fire list and all my enemies known and known on the fire list

  6. U want Curtis stubbfield and his girl friend Samantha to die by fire all my enemies to die by fire any hindering spirits to die by fire and the evil coworkers to die by fire

  7. All poverty in my life and children life let it die by fire and my boss Todd Spink let him die by fore all my enemies that’s jealous and give me a hard tome let them die by fire any like in me and my children’s life that it die by fire let me not having enough money die by fire

  8. My home was owing $228,00.00 didn’t pay mortagage for 7 years interest went up to $630.00 owing presently. Let all povety and debt die by fire and the woman my husband Phillip Narine is living with Kelly Phelan Ramjattan die by fire. Let that spirit of adultery leave my husband Phillip and God bring him back from Louisanna back home to me and my children Kevin Brandon and Mark Narine and save him. Let there be peace in my home. Save my son Kevin. Let God provide a green card for my husband Phillip Narine

  9. I want all my enemies known and unknown to die by fire Linda Norris mae harden ray harden any one whose speaking curses on my marriage and my children and whose ever speaking against my career and money and that I be debt free and credit score goes to a 8 or 9 so I can buy Wat o need

  10. All my enemies whose doing witchcraft to die by fire and everybody whose coming against my marriage or speaking curse against my marriage or child to die by fire and who’s coming against my health and love and joy to die by fire and whose coming against my jobs and money to die by fire

  11. Let all poverty and lack and insecurity in my life and marriage die by fire let all my enemies die by fire known and of known

  12. Let any woman or man that’s interfering against my marriage die by fire

  13. Let my Co workers Teresa Davis. Congrats Johnson and Donald Davis and Joe paulson and Paul and Pamela and whoever was involved with my termination die my fire and my daddy Oscar Williams to die by fire for putting lies and rumors out about me

  14. I pray that god with deliver and safe ray harden the man I married and that he will deliver him in every area of his life and teach him how to love his wife as Christ love the church and from cheating with other woman’s especially ebony Johnson

  15. That god will bless me with a great paying job and bless my finance and that I prosper in every area in my life and bless and prosper my children in Jesus name

  16. Let any witchcraft the cause separation in my marriage die by fire any Jezebel spirit that’s tormenting me or my husband die by fire restoration back in my marriage love joy and peace back into the marriage understanding honesty faithful back into my marriage

  17. That god break every ungodly soul tied off my husband and sex soul tied from any other woman be broken off my husband ray life in Jesus name and that god will deliver and safe him in Jesus name

  18. Cause conviction over ray harden life that he will turn his life to Christ and get delivered out of all his troubles

  19. Let the spiritual of divorce die by fire and the spirit of adultery die by fire

  20. I want ray harden and ebony mckeel and all my other enemies known and unknown to die by fire all my enemies that’s jealous and talking bad about me and against my career to die by fire

  21. Me Yolanda Gray I put everything that’s blocking my marriage my relationship my happiness my job my career my fiances my love any witchcraft that’s blocking any areas in my life I put it on the fire list

  22. I want ray harden and ebony mckeel and Sandy thomas and all my known and unknown enemies to die by fire on today that god will deal with them accordingly in Jesus name

  23. I put my manager Chandra Smith and all my team member whose falsely accuse me and said and did evil against me known and unknown on the fire in Jesus name

  24. I want to put all my jealous enemies on the fire list known and unknown

  25. Let ray harden evil controlling hateful spirit die by fire

  26. I want to put ray harden on fire and his phone number318-418-8804 and I want to put all my enemies known and unknown on fire and that they die by fire in Jesus name

  27. Ray drug addiction die by fire and ray lustful ways die by fire in Jesus name

  28. All my enemies known and unknown die by fire in Jesus name

  29. Slay all my enemies and put them on fire and anybody or ray that’s coming against my marriage I put on fire today in Jesus name

  30. Jackie black ,,Monique black myleii l starasisa b jackie be Kingsly e linet need to kind man and die by fire my my finance my dads time by my husband need to step money all my enemies in my marriage go by fire well me and Ellis need help for her foot that pain most died by fire Burnece is Henry and her kids Jennifer Barbara Gloria Karen Lorna Donna l Donna r Arline b bara b Desmond l Kim Susan l jermanie r all bad friends around black /Kingsly much go die in fire

  31. I want everybody whose jealous of me to die by fire ray harden to die by fire and Sandy Thomas to die by fire and ebony mckeel to die by fire and any other woman he dealing with to die by fire

  32. in the prayer of fire i pray that the fire of God will out the word and the disease glaucoma burn the spirit of blindness from me and around me and off me in the name of jesus ,and the spirit of witchcraft is destroyed and every false word every curse , hexes and vexes , spell and their prayer that’s been prayed against me and about me let the fire be reversed back to the sender the marriage of the Lord years of rejection and adult

    ry drug and not loving me being jealous and envy with out a cause in burn in the fire debts are burn in the fire the weapon that was formed against son shall not prosper let trouble be burn in the fire, my daughter looking for love in the wrong places let it be burn in the fire i
    n the name of Jesus, every cure, and word that ‘s been spoken against the ministry let it be burn in the fire , all sickness and diseases be burn in the fire from around my children and grand children all that thehave authority me over in Jesus blindness burn in the fire in jesus name i will call in a seed

    every word cured that was spoken that was not like let it burn in the fire

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