Discover How This Week God Will Remember YOU!

…Discover How This Week God Will Remember You! Read From Prophet Climate & Join Us For DAY 1 BDJW Conference at TKC London 7PM!..

”  I thank God every day being connected to this ministry! I have seen first hand what God has been able to do in my own families lives. My brother is now managing 5 banks in Hong Kong and has received a fully furnished home where he doesn’t even lack a thing! I am so thankful as there was a time where everything was upside down, through your guidance man of God he’s had a total life turn around and know it’s because of the anointing that is upon this ministry and services just like this. I am looking forward to seeing more of what God is going to do in our lives. – Ms M.C, UK 

Dear Child of God, 

What a powerful testimony and after this week I see more testimonies just like this pouring into your life. Do you know that we live in a world now where it’s hard to believe more than ever! It’s easy to imagine life getting better but when it comes to the real issues and the situations you face every piece of faith is gone. This week is for those who are ready to take their lives to the next level it’s 7 Days of Deliverance,  7 Days of Miracles, 7 Days that Will Change Your LIFE!

Romans 2:11 AMP: ” For God shows no partiality [no arbitrary favouritism; with Him, one person is not more important than another].” 

God is not a respecter of person but a respecter of faith. I see you have been going through one storm after another but I see a wind of peace blowing into your life. After this week I can see angels showing up to sort out your mess and slaughter all of you enemies. It’s time for you to experience who God really is, don’t put God in a box! Don’t limit God in your life as the week you need to get ready for a wind of testimonies and a wind of miracles! I don’t think you realise how powerful God really is! He has the same power to defend you and to defend himself. This is the same God who will and has remembered you today. He will remember you!! This is why I am excited about this powerful conference this week, starting tonight at 7PM here at TKC London.




Are You Ready To Overcome The Storms Of Life That Have Held You Hostage…? 

This is why you can’t afford to miss tonight at The Grand Opening of Breaking Down The Walls Of Jericho Conference 2017! God is going to remember your family, God is going to remember your career and your finances, He will remember you! This conference is specifically for you as this week we are bringing down all the areas of your life that you want to fall. Tonight at 7PM marks the first day of this 7 day spiritual journey, If you remember last year I went to Israel and I visited the ruins of Jericho where I was able to collect 3 stones from the original wall that had fallen down. These 3 stones experienced the power of God so many years ago when Joshua and the tribe of Israel marched around them for 7 days. 

Hebrews 13:8 NIV: ” God is the same yesterday, today and forever.” 

With these 3 stones they tell a story, they are a testimony to the miracles of God. And just like God did it all those years ago, He is going to do it again. I have those 3 stones with me and I will be using them throughout this week as we place our Jericho Walls on the table and we walk around it as a symbol of what the children of Israel did. Today I want you to do something, I need you to prayerfully write down your Jericho walls and bring to me tonight as the service. If you are outside London and are unable to attend send to me your list of Jericho Walls and I will print them personally on your behalf. When writing down your Jericho walls list, remember you ae writing down the things you want to fall in your life, like sickness, poverty, bad luck anything negative write it down as these walls must come down in your life. 


Are You Ready For Those Demonic Cycles To End Once And For All…? 


Tonight you need to take a leap of faith as you are declaring that what God did to the walls of Jericho over 2000 years ago, that same power is going to bring down every Jericho Wall in your life. Every stubborn problem, every proud person, every mocking sickness, every issue that doesn’t want to move, watch God sort it out. I feel so strong in my spirit that as you embark on this journey, God is going to reveal to you, your destiny. Yes as your Jericho Walls fall, all will be revealed. Yes, I see a beacon of hope rising up over your life; things are going to make sense again. Where it seemed that all hope was lost, actually you are just around the corner to your breakthrough. You are about to see your miracle with your own eyes. What you have been waiting on God to do for years, He is about to do it! Here at The Kingdom Church during this BDJW Conference and across the next 21 days we are participating in the Daniel’s Fast (which means no meat, no fish, no chicken) for the next 3 weeks. So I want you to join us in this corporate fasting for the power of God to move in your life. Tonight if you are outside London Join me LIVE from London Tonight Monday, July 3 at 8PM GMT at After this week every Jericho Wall must come down and your breakthrough must show up! Looking forward to connecting you to your breakthrough.  – Prophet Climate

Submit Your Breaking Down Jericho Walls Conference 2017 LIST! 



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TKC London Week Schedule: Monday 3rd– 9th July 2017

Monday 3rd July Join us For DAY 1 Breaking Jericho Walls Conference 2017! Get ready for 7 Days of Deliverance! 7 Days of Breakthrough! 7 Days of Miracles! 

Tuesday 4th DAY 2 Breaking Jericho Walls Conference 2017! Get ready for 7 Days of Deliverance! 7 Days of Breakthrough! 7 Days of Miracles! 

Wednesday 5th July DAY 3 Breaking Jericho Walls Conference 2017! Get ready for 7 Days of Deliverance! 7 Days of Breakthrough! 7 Days of Miracles! 

Join us Thursday 6th For DAY 4 Breaking Jericho Walls Conference 2017! Get ready for 7 Days of Deliverance! 7 Days of Breakthrough! 7 Days of Miracles! 

Join Us Friday 7th July DAY 5 Breaking Jericho Walls Conference 2017! Get ready for 7 Days of Deliverance! 7 Days of Breakthrough! 7 Days of Miracles! 

Join us Saturday 8th July for DAY 6 Breaking Jericho Walls Conference 2017! Get ready for 7 Days of Deliverance! 7 Days of Breakthrough! 7 Days of Miracles! 

This Super Sunday Finale BDJW Conference 2017 At The Kingdom Church London! 

 8AM – 9AM for Our Morning Glory Service: 

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2PM – 4:30PM Miracle Prophetic Service:

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