Day 5: After This … No One shall be able to stand Against thee


Dear Child Of God, 


Are you afraid to confront your enemies because you are worried about what will happen next? After a great breakthrough, testimony, or deliverance, do you feel like you need to watch out for what satan might do? After all your prayer is done, do you expect God to answer you, or are you worried about the next attack of your enemy?


How many times have I heard from people that they should be aware of the devil, after fasting and prayer, after sowing their seed, expect the devil to show up and fight back. Sometimes I see people show up for service, experience the power of God, but after leaving the service immediately find themselves victim of strange and demonic attacks.


Child of God, this is none other but the fear of retaliation. We learned yesterday  Day 4 of bringing down the Jericho walls that if after every prayer you experience more suffering and setback, it’s to let you know that your expectation is in the wrong arena. Your life is marked by this fear of retaliation.

Child Of God ,  I see this fear is so dangerous because it has puts you in defense mode so that you are always fighting just to keep the enemy at bay, instead of taking over as God has called us to. Thats why you find yourself drained and with no energy at all sometimes, something is draining all your destiny. When you are in defense mode, you cannot think of moving forward, you are too busy trying to save yourself from today. And if you are not careful, you can find your life becomes stagnant for 10, 20, or 30+ years.


This fear has brought down great kings. And it was one of the fears that Joshua had to confront. I see the same thing, we must stop it now and today. 


The Bible tells us that after the victory of Jericho, the very next battle that took place was a defeat. And Joshua fell to the ground crying “Why God, why did you bring us here just to allow us to be destroyed?”


Then Joshua tore his clothes and fell face down to the ground before the ark of the Lord, remaining there till evening. The elders of Israel did the same, and sprinkled dust on their heads. And Joshua said, ‘Alas, Sovereign Lord, why did you ever bring this people across the Jordan to deliver us into the hands of the Amorites to destroy us? (Josh 7:6-7)


Most people don’t understand what’s going on here. But the issue that Joshua had was the fear of retaliation. He was afraid of what would happen after bringing down Jericho. For it was not just any ordinary city, no it was the kingdom of satan.


These Jericho walls that we are bringing down this week, they are not just simple prayer requests, no they are symbolic of you standing up and resisting every satanic force that stand between you and your destiny. They are the walls that are keeping you from your promise land. They are the demonic foundations that have ruled your family for years, and God has chosen you to be the one to bring them down. But you must not fear retaliation.


Joshua worried what would happen after the fall of Jericho. Would he be unleashing all hell? Would he be stirring the nest? It’s like when you go and strike a hive, and all those raging hornets come out looking for the first person to sting. But you need to realize that when you stand in prayer, and you stand on the Word of God, and in the authority of God, that you are not provoking satan, no you are rendering him helpless and powerless over your life. You are dismantling every demonic altar that has risen up against you, you are silencing every lying tongue that has kept you in bondage, you are chaining every demon that has been tormenting you. You need to understand that when you pray, every knee must bow to the name of Jesus. You are a Child of God, you are a Servant of the Most High God, and because of that you are More than a Conqueror.


But you can’t keep walking around with this mentality that after every prayer you are unleashing the beast to come and attack you more. These are demonic doctrines that have been passed around in the churches, and it is the same reason many of those churches do not exist today. Because your expectations will never be disappointed.


The fear of retaliation will take you out. You will never overcome when you are always on defense. You must cross over to the other side. Understand that your words carry power and authority, that they will bring results, they will not return void.


When Joshua cried to God, God asked him “What are you doing? This is not your enemies doing! Your people have sinned, and so I am the one that is punishing them. You need to go and sort it out. You need to go and clean it up”.


When you see some things happen in your life, don’t just assume it’s the enemy. Check your life, assess yourself. Maybe there is something you are doing, you have gotten out of Gods way and you need to correct it. I pray God will give you wisdom. I pray God will give you such grace to come out of the trap of self-deception. I pray the power of God will release you from every fear of retaliation!


Today I have the most Powerful Prayer Points that are going to help you to bring down this Wall of the Fear of Retaliation. You must pray them out loud 7 times, I see chains coming off your destiny. 

Today I need you to put your faith in action, since we are entering into the 5th day of Bringing Down the walls Of Jericho, I want you to give a special offering according to Psalms 27:1 of £27.00 Or It could a one time sacrificial gift of £270.00, I feel so strong that after sowing this seed , you will never lose any ground that you will ever gain for the rest of all days in your life. Actually I see an Instant Anointing of boldness and Favour into your life . When I prayed I saw 7 people that will take this step of faith, I saw a torch from heaven landing in your hand, proclaiming you as the new conqueror of divine destiny. You must be first to act . 


The LORD is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life of whom shall I be afraid?  ( Psalms 27:1) 


To Submit Your Day 5 Of Bringing Down The Jericho Walls Prayer 

Agreement Form Click here 

God has instructed to ask you to send your prayer requests daily, Now I want you to send me your list of Jericho Walls and I will print them personally on your behalf (Remember these are the issues that you want to Fall down. DO NOT send positive things, like healing, new house, children, etc. You must write the areas of your life which you want to fall, ex. sickness, bad luck, lack of good mate, etc.) 


Remember the children of Israel were instructed to walk around Jericho Walls every day for 7 days. That is why we are submitting our prayers and sowing our seed each and every day. If you’re serious about these Walls Coming Down, if you are saying Man of God enough is enough, my Life has to move Forward. I have to Make Progress. I must break these chains that have held me back for years, Then I want you to click on the button below and follow the instructions! Today is Day 3, we’re nearly half way there already and these strongholds must be demolished out of your life once and for all. 


Today I have 13 Powerful Prayer Points on Overcoming the Fear of Retaliation which you MUST PRAY 7 Times before sunset today which I am going to send you. 




It’s time to rise up and put your enemies to shame. We are declaring War. This is your Time. 

Remember we are LIVE tonight in London from 8PM GMT at I’ll see you there!

Committed to Your Breakthrough, 

Prophet Climate


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  1. George Musengi

    Man of God. The Daniel Fasting is coming to its end. I give glory to the Lord for the fasting has brought me testimonies;
    1. I prayed for my Mortgage application to be approved – – I confirm, it was approved. I’m just awaiting the release of the funds. Glory to God.
    2. I prayed for my spouse Rudo to find work. She got called to work on the 25th, Glory to God.

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