Can You Put Your Faith In Action…? Today Read Incredible News From Zimbabwe Oct 2013 Trip & More!


…….Read this powerful Testimony Below!……

“Hi Bishop, Hope the Zimbabwe trip is going well, I just wanted to share my testimony with you. I sowed £100 into supporting the Zimbabwe Vision/Trip. I questioned myself before sowing this seed thinking that this amount may be too much for me to give. I remembered the words you said about whenever you feel challenged with sowing a seed, just do it as that is the best time to sow. I decided to put my faith in action and sowed the seed, I just believed that Gods hand will be on this trip. This weekend gone I was visited by family from Lincolnshire, before they left to go, a family member pushed a thick wad of money into my hand! I was shocked as there was no special occasion to be given any money. As I said thank you and they left ,I counted the money and it was £100! I thank God for this ministry and I know whatever I sow into The Kingdom Church I will reap! Continuing to pray for you Bishop, Dr Jennifer and the team.” – Miss G.P Essex

Hi Church,

What an amazing time were having here in Zimbabwe! I hope you all are following on my social media, Facebook & Twitter accounts to see pictures, videos, testimonies and more taken from our celebrations, Parade and events here in Zimbabwe. I was even privileged to be included in there Parade and interviewed by ZBC News with Hon Minister & Pastor M Chikukwa (read excerpt below). I’m thankful and appreciate Zimbabwe’s great hospitality! God is doing amazing things here, even as we had our thanksgiving party a woman was found in the toilet laying lifeless. I prayed over her, and others who were there prayed too. After laying my hands on her, this woman was restored back to life. See child of God this is exactly what I’m talking about, with putting our faith into action and believing God right at that moment, that a miracle was going to take place, regardless of that woman’s condition and how it may have looked, I knew that God was going to move on my behalf.  I just want to thank you all your support, I thank God for my team that are with me and also for those who are standing guard and holding the fort back at home. So make that choice today! No more excuses! Grow your faith its time to see your Faith get results! Continue to pray for us all here in Zimbabwe and get ready to join with me this Friday 25th October for our monthly Fire Service!

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