Calling all Champions…TONIGHT Rise Up and Fight for What’s Yours!

Calling all Champions…TONIGHT Rise Up and Fight for What’s Yours! Join with me For the Miracle Braveheart Fire Service! DAY 3 Braveheart Conference Commences at 7:30 PM


Hi Child of God,  

Last night was another powerful night as we finished up Day 2 of the 2018 Braveheart Conference. The Man Of God from USA Archbishop Love released Power in the atmosphere. I trust you joined us in person or watched LIVE with our Online Family through our Live Streaming. I can tell you one thing for sure, that the spirit of Braveheart is in our midst, and by the time this conference is over, I see you becoming a completely different person. Because when the spirit of Braveheart rises up in your life things must change. Your atmosphere must be different your situation must be affected. Yes, things must come together. Every disorder in your life must be chased away.

When the spirit of Braveheart rises up in your life, you begin to rise up into the position God has always wanted you to occupy, to be seated in Him, to have the dominion that was destined for you. When the spirit of Braveheart rises up in your life, you begin to walk in those paths that God ordained for you to walk on.

It’s not just coincidence that you are reading this mail or participating in this conference. I see for so long the devil has kept an upper hand in your life, things have become so hard, so stressful, so troublesome, and you have wondered when will a change come. But It’s not because you had no power, It’s not because you had no authority, no It’s because you have forgotten who you really are. You have forgotten about the Braveheart. You have forgotten who is living on the inside of you.

This week we are Calling all Champions to Rise Up and Fight for What Theirs. Yes, you saw my message yesterday declaring War! And when the spirit of Braveheart rises up within you, you are going to rise up and confront those issues that have been keeping you in bondage, enough is enough!

But tonight is a Very Special Service – The Braveheart Fire Service. God spoke to me that we need to throw all our fears, all our trouble, whatever is causing you to feel defeated, whatever situation in your life is leaving you feeling wanting or helpless, whatever situation in your life has left you feeling like you have lost all power, we are going to throw it in the Fire! And we are going to believe God according to Psalms 27:14 “Wait patiently for the Lord, be brave and very courageous, yes wait patiently for the Lord”. I know you have been waiting for a long time, your patience has passed the test, but it’s time now for you to be brave and courageous and begin to confront those situations and people in your life which have kept you hostage. Oh yes, I see this anointing coming upon you, I see such a confidence coming upon your life. You are about to experience joy overflowing. 

Now I am asking you to sow a special seed towards the Braveheart Conference according to this Prophetic scripture of Psalms 27. Remember every offering goes to support the Conference so that we can keep broadcasting live online for you and spreading these life-changing messages around the world. But even more importantly … God is a Rewarder. He will reward your sacrifice. Yesterday the Man of God said that we are in a season of Due Time. Change is in the air. And as you give into this anointing, the Spirit of God will rise up within you to help you confront those issues so that you can have peace, so that you can enjoy your life the way He intended you to. Yes God is going to fight all your Battles!


“Yes, Man of God I want to say thank you for preaching about the Braveheart, the anointing of this is really flowing. I have been having a lot of trouble in my home where my children are concerned and have felt helpless for so long. Though I was being counselled on what to do but I struggled with it, I did not feel I had the courage to do what is necessary. But I thank God for the spirit of Braveheart, after the very first day of the Conference something changed in me and I have been able to take back control of my children and my household. No more feeling helpless or powerless, I am the one back in charge now with the Power and AUTHORITY that God has given me. Thank you again God has used you to restore so much peace and joy into my life and family”. (M.C.)


 “Last Year During the Braveheart Conference I brought serious Stressing court papers with me on Friday during the Fire Service. I followed the prayer that you did. Then as I walked to put them on the fire I felt a strange tremor all over my body. I knew something was going on. The following week my case was cancelled and I received a cheque of £4500 from my accuser’s lawyer as compensation. For what? I don’t even know! Thank you, Jesus, for fighting all my Battles! Today I am bringing all my medical and diagnosis letters to burn” (J.S)



This is the fourth time it has worked is REAL! ” 

“early in January last year 2017 I was searching for real spiritual and physical solutions to my problems, I came a cross Prophet Climate, I listen I started to follow him on social media, listening to all his youtube, I came across the fire service, I submitted all my debts lists, within one week a Big financial miracle happened, Again I submitted names of people who I felt were against me in my working place, within 4 days they were all exposed and a plan to make me lose my Job without me knowing was revealed, Neighbour who has been dumping rubbish in my yard for 5 years I submitted their names in 2 weeks after the fire service on April they were evicted, My son whom has been failing in school I submitted his picture, suddenly now top of the class, Fire Service Works .. This Month I am Ready …” Marysarah – Washington D.C – USA 

What You Can Expect As You Throw The Names Of Your Enemies Into The Fire Today…

Ruth, This is the 12th year running since we began holding the Fire Service, and we won’t stop, because it works. Hundreds and hundreds have witnessed and testified of their own personal breakthroughs they have experienced as a result of attending this powerful service. Marriages restored, debts cancelled, enemies destroyed, sicknesses disappeared, and much, much more! 

Do you have a persistent enemy in your life that just won’t quit? Maybe it’s a physical person, spiritual thing or person or a sickness, or a debt, or anything that has been a source of sorrow in your life? Whatsoever is taking away your peace As the Fire Burns tomorrow, you MUST make sure that you put their names there. And keep putting them! You heard what that woman said, month after month after month she continued to put the name of all the troubles , again and again she threw the names in the fire, until finally, the deliverance came! Yours is happening tonight !!!!

Today I see God’s judgment being poured out. I see the hand of Jehovah is about to deliver you from that situation. Yes because you did not give up, because you did not quit. Yes you are about to try something new !  Because you have held on to the Word of your Prophet, I see today there is an issue in your life that will not rise up again. Yes this is the last time! 

I Want To Help You! Yes, I Am Here As Your Prophet To Help You Get Your Deliverance!

Yes that is why I want you to send me your list of enemies, I will print them off for you and personally throw them in the Fire! Remember there is no distance in prayer. Just because you can not attend physically, doesn’t mean that you have to miss out. As the list of your enemies burn, God will strike them wherever they are. Yes deliverance is coming to you! It’s time to be free!

Remember there are two key steps to making sure you actively participate for your Miracle during this Fire Service.


Step 1: Your Fire List. Write down the list of all your known and unknown enemies, it could be physical people, emotional, financial, career problems you are facing, court cases, etc.

Step 2: Build An Altar. Today I want to encourage you to send your faith ahead of you. Whatever it is that you are believing God for, I want you to plant a seed in order to execute it. Give a special offering Today, remember this is serious spiritual business we are conducting here, Offering gives the spiritual ream the ability to act on your behalf. so serious obedience is must.  Don’t be naive, remember that your enemies are prepared to search the earth over to bring whatever sacrifice is demanded of them. Sometimes the problems you face cannot be overcome until you bring a bigger sacrifice to conquer that problem. Faith without action is dead, so as you prepare your list tonight that you would like to go into the fire, take a corresponding action and sow a seed. 

Click Below to Fill in your Fire List Right Here Online! We now have a New simple page where you can submit all your Prayer Requests for the Fire including any pictures of documents or people you would like to be put in the fire. Please click Below to do that Now!


If you would like to call our Prayer Line to speak to one of our prayer warriors: Call for UK: +44 207 738 3668 or North America: +1 732 444 8791

***PLEASE NOTE: When writing your list to put into the fire, please don’t put anything that you don’t want God to destroy. For example, don’t write a new house or a good marriage (these are not problems). Instead you put lack of a house, or trouble in my marriage Die by Fire!

I am looking forward to see you. If you can’t attend in person, please tune in live at 8PM GMT or 3PM EST at

Please Be Advised that if you are sending in your prayer request by online, it must be received before Friday at 6PM GMT otherwise it will not be printed in time for the service. (For those living in North America that is Friday at 1PM EST). Thank you

NOTE: If you are planning on attending in person, please bring your list with you on a physical piece of paper.





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 Kind Regards 

Prophet Climate





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