ARISE, SHINE For Your Light Has Come..Join With Me Tomorrow For The First Sunset Miracle Healing Service Of 2018!

…ARISE, SHINE For Your Light Has Come! Watch Prophetic Video Inside And Join with Me Tomorrow For The First Sunset Healing Miracle Service of 2018! Read More About This Powerful Weekend All Inside!.. 

Hi Child Of God, 

What a powerful session we have had together yesterday and this morning on across my social media. For those of you who haven’t seen yet I had a powerful prophecy and prayer session yesterday and this morning on Facebook. Last night for those who joined me was an evening of prophecy as I was making prophetic declarations concerning your Star. And this morning we had another powerful start to the day as we began to command our morning. If you missed it go to my social media on Facebook and join in with powerful prayers as already people are sending in testimonies of breakthroughs and testimonies of there day beginning and ending better. Between and the earlier hours of the morning I want you to keep checking social media, turn your notifications on for my posts, as I want you to join with me up in the mountains in Edinburgh.

“ The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.” [ Proverbs 4:18 ]

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Prayers Command your morning Today

Posted by Bishop Climate on Thursday, February 1, 2018

This weekend is going to be so powerful for our Sunset healing and Miracle Service. Anyone that has been assigned to terminate or block your star, They will not succeed In Jesus Name. You see there are people out there that wants to turn your glory into shame but we know that All things are possible through Christ Jesus this year of 2018 must be the year where you break every barrier and where you must locate your Star so that it shines bright. believe that this year, as it is the year of Beauty and Glory this is the time for your star to arise and shine. Once your shining you are above every level of rejection mediocrity, failure and stagnation. I see a perfect path that is being prepared for you to shine bright. And even if your star is shining you can’t afford for your star to dim it’s light you need to shine even brighter. This weekend as we start tomorrow with our first Sunset Healing Miracle Service of 2018 it is going to be so powerful. Any sickness have to leave, now with the discovery of your Star health conditions can no longer be a problem in your life.

“ Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you…” [Isaiah 60:1 NIV ] 

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It is time for you to Arise and Shine! I have seen that your star has been shut down this star has been clamped but I have been believing God for you to make contact with this email that I am writing to you so that you can encounter your miracle. Favour is going to shortcut your breakthrough, favour is going to shortcut your miracle. Your Star today is going to shine across this weekend get ready to receive a healing miracle regards to your help. Any flu, pain, blood conditions, ailments must leave your body in Jesus name.

This weekend I know that something spectacular is about to take place. Whatever has come against your health, your family, your children, tomorrow during The FIRST After Sunset Healing and Miracle Service of 2018 it must come down. Yes Tomorrow every power of darkness assigned to block your finances, your health, your family and your destiny, God will bring it down under the power of the Holy Spirit and lock it out of your life for good. Tomorrow Get ready for powerful prayers of Healing, Miracles and DeliveranceAs this Sunday we have the Miracle Frankincense service, the second one of 2018 and if you were there to witness the first you know how powerful that service was. Tomorrow great things are about to happen for the first Sunset Miracle Healing service of 2018. Make every effort to be here at The Kingdom Church London as you don’t want to miss your moment of healing, don’t miss your moment of restoration! Stay Blessed  – Prophet Climate 



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TKC London Week Schedule: 1st February – 4th February 2018

Healing and Deliverance Service

Join us Thursday 1st February at 7PM TKC Bible Boost Come and join and hear bible principles of success, learning effective communication techniques and more! 

Join Us Tomorrow  Friday 2nd February  7:30PM-10:30PM For The After Sunset Miracle Healing Service! Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month! Get ready for an opportunity for you to receive personal prayer and healing for whatever it is you are believing God for. Since the prophet of God began this weekly service in 2005, thousands have been healed and delivered from all sorts of sicknesses and diseases.



9AM Prayer Of Silence 

10:30 AM Miracle Frankincense Service

2PM – 4:30PM Miracle Prophetic Service


Blessings to you,


Prophet Climate Irungu


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