Are You Experiencing Failure as Result of Negative Projection ? – Join Me Live in London For An Answer

Dear Saint,

Do you feel that some bad things are going to happen? Do you seem to experience a lot of negative thoughts about yourself in your mind? And suddenly they happen, have you been experiencing negative thoughts about other things & people that are close to you, and you thought it was your fault? Could it be that someone on purpose is projecting evil Wishes against you because of Jealousy and hatred: Could it be someone is trying to hinder you by releasing an empowerment to fail in what you are trying to do.

Testimony !

Last week Friday I was holding a miracle service here in london at our Miracle Centre,uprooting every evil wish, after that miracle service one gentle man had repeated dream of someone who he was working with calling his name and declaring him a failure, there have been a competition in their working place this due to nature of the Job they do as sales people and also because of economic factor, but few months before he was experiencing failure in every sale, either the customer will promise and not finalize. But after that dream he prayed using the special prayer points that I had provided. He anointed himself with Miracle Pack breakthrough Anointed oil. When he got to work on Monday within the first 4 hours he had done 8 major sales that he hasn’t done in 2 years. He work colleague called in sick for the whole week. Today it’s your turn Whosoever has been causing trouble in your life must exist as you enter into your place of abundance.

Tonight at 7:30pm It’s All Night of Prayers, Miracles & Deliverance: IT’S A DAY RELOADED TO UPROOT EVERY EVIL WISH against your succeed, your family, your career all those who have been wishing you evil are going to be disappointed, you will not fail but you will succeed again. Bring their names we must send it back to the sender ONLY TODAY

Join me tonight at 7:30pm it’s our Miracle & Deliverance Service, UPROOTING EVERY EVIL WISH AGAINST YOU!

At 3am it’s our Prayer Service: We are sending every evil and negative wish back to the sender never to come again.

Come and Expect instant Miracles, Get your prophetic word from the Man of God! Your Angel is waiting; it’s all here at

TKC, 2nd Floor, 186 Chatelaine House, Walworth Road, London, SE17 1JJ.

Also remember to join us tomorrow, Saturday at 7:30PM, for our End of the Month Special Healing & Deliverance School.

This Sunday is our Super Communion & Family Sunday with 11AM Word Service


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Blessings to you.


Bishop Climate Irungu & Team

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