A Special Prayer For You From The Garden Tomb…Today You Must Celebrate (Powerful Declaration Inside PLEASE WATCH)

A Special Prayer For You From The Garden Tomb…Today You Must Celebrate

(Powerful Declaration Inside PLEASE WATCH)



Hi, Child of God,

Today was our last day in Israel, it has been an amazing journey this past one week and it is such an honour to have travelled this journey with you. For those who have been joining me since last week Thursday I just want to bless you and let you know that surely the heavens are rejoicing in your faith and you can expect great things to take place in your life before the end of this year. 

Today I brought your prayer request with me to the Garden Tomb, the Tomb of Resurrection where Jesus is said to have risen from the dead. I laid your prayer request in that holy sepulchre and believe the same power that raised Christ Jesus from the dead will raise you to life as well. 

Oh yes, today I want you to just come in agreement with me as you watch and read, as your prayer request touched that place, I decree and I declare the resurrection power upon your life.  May the same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead quicken your body, quicken your finances, quicken your marriage, quicken your children, quicken your mind, quicken your investments. 

I release the anointing of God upon you and I declare let there be resurrection power, spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally, socially, I release the power of God. May the same power that raised Christ from the dead raise you up. Let there be nothing dead in your life, no cancer, no diabetes, no incurable disease, no lack, no imprisonment, no depression, no rejection, no addiction, in Jesus name.

I speak to every tissue, every cell, every organ, your immune system, every part of your body, I command it to function perfectly according to how God created it to function. 

May this anointing begin to work miracles in your life, in your destiny, your finances, in every area of your life, I release the favour of God. 

Today I have only one instruction for you. I want you to celebrate! Yes I hear in my spirit that you must celebrate with your family, make your favourite meal, enjoy your favourite drink, do something to celebrate with your loved ones, and begin to thank the Lord that you are going to prosper, financially you will prosper, spiritually you will prosper, your children will prosper! As you begin to celebrate, every testimony is going to become permanent. Every blessing is going to continue in the name of Jesus. I see some surprises, I see miracles showing up. I see good news. I see things turning in your favour. 

As you do that right now I feel in my spirit that you must seal this Special Journey that we have taken together by giving God a Thanksgiving Offering. Thank Him for what He has done and what He has begun in your life, and what He is going to continue to do as a result of this powerful anointing you have been tapping into for the last one week.

Yes every miracle for the last six days is taking place in your life, so give God all the glory. Nothing is without reward, right now the Heavens are rejoicing on your behalf. 

Child of God that’s all for today. I just thank you for making this journey with me. Tomorrow I’ll be travelling back to London to get ready for the Fire Service, This Friday 26th October. Watch out for my email within the next 7 hours so that you can send in your Fire list for this Friday!

It’s going to be Fire Fire Fire! I’m coming back loaded with anointing from this holy journey we have taken. God has got something great in store this weekend. I’ll see you soon! – Prophet Climate 



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