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Dear Friend


Have you been feeling unsatisfied in life? Like something is missing? Are you tired of giving your best but seeing no results? Have you been asking God for too long when are things going to change? Would you believe it if I told you the reason behind all your struggles is PRAYER? 

Well actually, it’s the lack thereof. And not just any type of prayer, but the right type of prayer. 



Recently I started a new Teaching Series called “7 Types of Prayer that Jesus Answers”. Last Sunday I taught about the 2nd type of Prayer. It is one of the most powerful types of prayer you will find in the Bible – the Prayer of Agreement. 

Today I just want to thank you for your partnership and support for our ministry. And that’s why I have made this teaching available for you! Below you will find a link where you can download the special Video teaching on the Prayer of Agreement  For Free as well as a Free Prayer of Agreement Form for you to put into practice at home. The teaching will explain to you how to use the Form so make sure you watch it until the end. 

Simply click on the link below to go to our online bookstore and add the item to your cart. Upon checkout, enter this special coupon code D90121N776296  to receive 100% :  



Thank you again for all your support, we truly love you and pray for you always. May the Lord use this teaching to bless you, empower you, and take you to another level. 

The Lord bless you, 


From Bishop Climate & Team




  1. Dear TKC Staff, I’m unable to get my free Prayer offer code D90121N776296 from website, can you kindly send it to me @ ricbarwick@aol.com thank you.

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