Monthly Archives: January 2017

Day 7 – I Saw Spirit Of Leprosy Manifesting As An Outcast …From Bishop Climate

  Dear Child of God,   Since we  started this 21 Days of Fasting and prayer, The Lord God has been revealing a lot of things that was and has been happing inyour life. Have you ever wondered what it is that makes people reject you for no reason? Why everywhere you go you try your best to fit in but ...

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Day 6: I Saw This Demonic Magnetic Field Activated In Your Life …From Bishop Climate

  Dear Child of God,   What is it that has been sucking you down, trying to drown you, trying to sink your life, your destiny, your children, your career, your health, your marriage, etc.? When I was praying for you during this Daniel Fasting on the 5th day I saw a demonic Magnetic field that has been activated to ...

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Day 5: I Saw An Evil Force Of Discouragement! From Bishop Climate

Day 5: Quitter or Non-Quitter … Which One Are You ? Discover the Key to Winning  Dear Child of God,  I saw an evil force that has been assigned to flooding you with discouragement, Yes discouraging you from reading these mails, yes Discouraging you from connecting with these ministry,  And there is a reason and you know why ?  Read ...

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