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Do You Know That You Are Great….? Today Unlock Your Greatness!

……Read This Powerful Testimony Below!…… “Hi Bishop, I thank God for directing me to this ministry. I called a week ago on the prayer lines. To be honest I didn’t even expect anyone to pick up. When I called I was so distressed and put as ease by one of the prayer warriors. I was explaining that I had gotten ...

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Are You Ready For Day 3: Breaking Down Jericho Walls Conference!

                  Dear Reader, Last night THE WALLS OF JERICHO began to break and are now falling flat! Don’t miss out tonight’s Service at 7pm sharp for DAY THREE. Tomorrow night we are wearing Catch The Fire/ Breaking Down Walls of Jericho T-shirts so make every arrangements to get yours from the bookstore. ...

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Today Could Be The Beginning of Miracles in Your Life – Check It Out

Dear Reader, Please Read this Urgent email that I have Just received, I want to share it with you, I believe so strongly that your situtaion is urgent and you need to read it with me now. Dear Bishop, I greet you in the name of Jesus. I thank God for your life, family and congregation and partners. I want ...

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