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The Testimonies Keep Pouring In…More News & TKC London Week Rundown!

……Read This Great Testimony Below Now…… Good morning Bishop, l went to the meeting on 12th july 2013 ,concerning my suspension at work. I anointed myself with Anointed Oil for Court Cases and attended the meeting. I was shocked and surprised as my enemies didn’t turn up,my representative was very angry with them, She called them and was shouting at them and ...

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Today Discover Your Adversary And Put An End To Your Problems …………..Click For How

  Dear Saint,  The Lord revealed to me that the adversary wants to build a chamber in your body through sickness and diseases. They want to build a chamber in your family through conflict and strife. They want to build a chamber in your finances through poverty and lack.   Today Friday at 7:30pm It’s the Healing & Miracle Service “EVERY ADVERSARY CHAMBER IN ...

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