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Dear Friend THIS WEEK ON MIRACLE TIMES TV TOPICS: HEALING, HEALTH & MIRACLOUS CURES: By Bishop Climate Learn how to receive your healing and How to maintain your health plus also see other people being healed and also receive your own healing. You can now watch Bishop Climate live 24 hours 7 days a week on your iPhone, iPad, HTC ...

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Do You Believe You Serve A God Of Revival..? View Powerful Testimony Sent In Yesterday! Read Prophetic Word From Bishop Climate, Esther Banquet Conference Details & More!

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…Read This Powerful Testimony Sent In To Bishopclimateblog.com Yesterday!.. ” Hi Bishop , I Just had to drop you this line, I was just doing a bit of online banking,  I was not expecting any sort of money from Working family tax credit, But in my account was£3400! it seems that I have not been receiving the right sum of money ...

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Less Than An Hour To Go….! Tonight Get Ready For A Miracle!

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  …………..Read This Healing Testimony Below!…………………… Dear Reader, ” Praise The Lord Bishop! I had a sharp pain in my foot before. It was really painful, I came to the service and as the service was going on, all of a sudden the anointing came over me and I felt a warm presence on my back and legs. Straight away the ...

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Is There Such Thing As Miracle Money? ….. Find Out The Truth …..

Money Miraculous Appears In Bank Accounts   Bishop I really need to talk to you…After the Prophetic Word that you released in my life …… Today I can’t believe what I’m seeing in my account…£ 6000++ from ….??? Miracle money… Wow!!!!! I don’t have your personal  number to call and I haven’t told anyone yet…I keep looking and looking at ...

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Click now for a free Prophetic Word

Do you feel that  you need divine Guidance ?  Do you want to know what the FUTURE holds For you ?  Do You want to Know What Your Creator has for you This Month ? Then It’s Time To connect with the Most Renown Prophet Of God ,  Who God is using in Mighty ways , Thousands of people have ...

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