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Do You Have A Prolonged Situation In Your Life..? Today Discover How To Step Out & Leave Prolonged Problems In The Past!

…Read Powerful Powerful Healing Testimony Of Prolonged Illness Shared From Super Sunday Miracle Service..!  “Hi Bishop I thank God for your life and for these life changing teachings. I’ve had difficulties in breathing on and off for a long time. I came to the Healing and miracle service on Friday and Bishop you called for those who have been going through ...

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TKC Weekend Update: Find Out Today Can People Know God Without Miracles…?

……………..Read this Powerful Testimony Shared Below!………………….. “I had been suffering from a pain I had through an accident I had years ago. I always believed that I would be healed and through attending the Sunday Miracle Service, the spirit of God came upon me and the pain instantly went away! I thank God for your life man of God and ...

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