Receive Your Free Prophecy Now


Receive Your Free Prophecy Now

Do you feel that  you need divine Guidance ?  Do you want to know what the FUTURE holds For you ?  Do You want to Know What Your Creator has for you This Month ?

Then It’s Time To connect with the Most Renown Prophet Of God ,  Who God is using in Mighty ways , Thousands of people have been reconnected to their destiny  and Millions have found their purpose, happiness and wealth Through His Prophesies

To receive your personal prophetic word From the Man of God, me Bishop Climate, please click the link below to log in or to register and begin to experience personal breakthrough and miracles. Remember all things are possible.



  1. I need a prophetic word please contact me


      Yes Bishop I would really like to receive a free prophecy from you as things arnt going well for me,in my marriage as well as financially..
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  2. I woud like a prophecy on my financial situation as my husband is not working& my marriage because my husband & I are always fighting maybe because of the stressful situation we in.. Thank you

  3. Hi Bishop,i would like to recieve the word of prophecy from you as i am pulling extra hard in my life with the inherited poverty.

  4. Peace be unto you Bishop,i would like to receive a prophetic divine guidance as i am uncertain about what the future holds for me giving my financial struggles and marital challenges and lack of progress in my career.A word of prophecy will do.It has been hard for me.I need to know what is going on before things get worse.

  5. i need a breakthrough in my relationship

  6. yes bishop i need a breakthrough in my relationship

  7. I need direction.Why we not getting married in my family.My brother is 44 has never have girlfriend.l am 41 from a failed relationship.The last in 30s does not have a girlfriend.

  8. Rosemarie Burton

    My husband has cheated on me more than once in the past and I believe he is doing it again. I am ashame and tired off it. I am believing for a word of knowledge if I should leave or it will change as I cannot keep going through it. He never admits to it unless he is caught.

  9. Dear Lord I’m 37 years old, please send me my soul mate….a spiritual man lord…who posesses the fruit of the spirit…in jesus name…amen…

  10. Man of God pls I want to know why life is so difficult why I couldn’t get a job and I want to where n how I will meet my destined husband. Life is so difficult no job no relationship no help from anywhere. And I believe God can use you to locate my destiny. Amen

  11. Dear God my Name is Atai bassey Nsan I need a job and I want to know where my husband is and how to meet him . I want God to change my family status for good. Things r not moving well with me n my family

  12. Man of God, please help me save my marriage, my husband is not honest and unfaithful, and now turning things to me with allegations I don’t know about and has no prove. I love my husband and I would like you bring him back as he left on the 26th of December 2014. He’s not willing to come back even when I involved Pastors to intervene, he is not willing to listen.

  13. I need a prophecy.

  14. Hello, I need a prophecy. God bless.

  15. I need to move forward in my life please send me a word I haven’t heard from you Bishop.

  16. Hello bishop
    Im in need of prayer a guidance for me and my family. I feel at time someone or something is against me moving forward and growing in life please help me declutter my life and mind so me and my family can be blessed

  17. sibongile chauke

    Man of God please prophecy on my life today please I want to hear what God plans for me this year I also want God to bless me with a child this me and my husband we have been trying for so many months now and I’m also asking for a healing prayer please

  18. hi i need prayer becouse my kids father poisoned me with a Chemical and i need a healing in my body

  19. Dear Friends in Christ,
    Iam from Papua New Guinea , have a burning desire to Preach the Gospel but my relationship has been seperated for many years. I also have no job now.
    Your prayers over my situation would be greatly appreciated.
    In His Love,
    Rex. kikala.

  20. want to know whats going on with my life,nothing seems moving.everything i touch doesnt go well

  21. man of god please prophecy my life.i don’t know whats wrong with me.i want to know what god plans for me.because everything in my life has turned upside.about my schooling and everything.please help me..

  22. Dear man of God I do not know what to say. but
    I some advice regarding my relationship with my husband my marriage as breaks in down
    Because of abuse I’m thinking of getting divorce
    We tree children together this life is not good for the children and it not prosperous I need to move in on I need a words from to grading me.

  23. Please pray for me. Need a job in airline industry, I have applied. Not received any response as yet. Also want to get married soon. Need favor in my finances, need sales in my job.

  24. Hi pastor need I pray I still love my husband but my he sad not love me anymore and he wand are divorce I want my husband came back home

  25. hi man of God please i need a break through from situation is so bad i need to get married.I’m.42 i need things are not good at all my business is very.very low please prophecy nd make things,

  26. hi man of God please pray for me watever ido if its not wont succeed.but if i commit crime to have money i succseed and got arrested later i got one child who is so disappointed by my acts.but really watever i do for cloth him and feed him

  27. i man of God pliz continue praying with me i need a financial miracle , i need to come out of these debts i went o as a result of lack of wisdom and knowldge

  28. I want to know what God is saying about my life and pray for me

  29. Grow spiritual its been a year now I have accepted Jesus but nothing changed my financial problems blacklisted I don’t even answer my phone bcs of debts

  30. please send me my free prophetical word

  31. plz send me free prophecy

  32. please send me my prophetic word .


  34. man of God i need a prophetic word for my because i feel useless

  35. I need a instant miracle in my whole life financial, spiritual, business and mirage thanx in advance GOD bless you for representing him thanx bishop

  36. Bishop good evening I will like to receive prophecy on my new wife if she will have children for me, and also to know how 2018 will be in my life financially and health wise thanks

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